Cántame (sing me): a poetic documentary for a sung performance process

When and Where

Friday, November 05, 2021 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm


Join us online for an exclusive community screening of Cántame, an independently produced, poetic documentary that responds to and moves with the extraordinary creation and performance process of a small team of actors in Buenos Aires. Stay with us after the screening for an intimate conversation with Canadian documentary filmmaker and photographer, Trevor Meier, alongside Argentinean actor, theatre director, teacher, singer, and song-writer, Alejandro Tomás Rodriguez (actor with the Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards between 2007-15, currently Assistant Professor of the Theatre and Dance Department at UNM), and Argentinian actress, dancer, and singer Catalina del Barrio Viscay (co-director of Casa Talcahuano).  
In Trevor's words: 
"Cántame is a deeply personal film […] about magical transcendence pursued through a difficult and precise process of creative work. […] Special, precious and rare, this magical transcendence is on full display in the film. […] Under the skin this film is as much about labour as it is about art. You can feel the movement of the artists on screen and the machinations of me as filmmaker and puppeteer, both pulling the strings and begging for the labour of love to be noticed alongside the poetic final result. This layered experience is what I sought when I discovered Ale, Cata, Nico and the rest of the members of Casa Talcahuano. I was mystified by their ability to blend practical work in a professional environment with a daily experience of something so sublime. My aim was to replicate that experience through cinema." 

Registration details will be shared soon.