Julia Mauro

Master's Student



Julia Mauro is a theatre artist and event producer from Vancouver and is the Founder and Creative Director of The Crystalline Cabaret. Julia has been a burlesque artist in Vancouver for over 10 years; she has been a headlining soloist in local productions and national festivals and has been a leader in numerous local organizations including Pandora & The Locksmiths and the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival.

Behind the scenes, Julia has most notably been involved with the Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards. She served on the Board of Directors from 2015 to 2018 where she co-created the organization’s diversity and inclusion mandate and award, and acted as Award Show Chair in 2017/2018. She left the board and became Co-Producer of the award show for 2018-2019. This experience inspired her to investigate current institutions and how they either create barriers or open pathways, not just to theatre-making but to the evaluation and celebration of theatre.

At the Centre, Julia is interested in researching different theatrical creation processes. She wants to look into how process sculpts the cultural landscape of theatre in Canada and specifically explore format / process interaction and its impact on culture.

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Bachelor of Performing Arts, Capilano University
Advanced Certificate in Arts & Entertainment Management, Capilano University
Diploma in Theatre - Acting, Douglas College