Jeff Gagnon

PhD Graduate


Major Interests: The Production of Space, Protest and Tactical Dramaturgies, Ethics, Labour, Capitalism and Performance, Brecht.

Selected work

« Reoccupation and Autogestus. Political Performance Within Contested Spaces. » Transmotion. (late 2018)

« (Im)Mobilized Vulnerability and Mimetic Fragility: Protest and Performative Counter Resistance, » FOOT 2018 Conference Panel February, 2018.

« Acts of Occupation: Performing Spatial Contestation Through Autogestus. » University of Toronto Colloquium, February 2018.

Review of Grierson, Elizabeth and Sharp, Kristen. « Re-Imagining the City: Art, Globalization and Urban Spaces. » The Scattered Pelican, 2018.

 Australia. « Online Around the World: A Geographic Encyclopedia of Internet, Social Media, and Mobile Apps. » May 2017


MA, University of Alberta
BA, University of Waterloo