Lisa Aikman

Postdoctoral Fellow


Lisa researches contemporary Canadian documentary theatre, examining its dramaturgies and working methods. Her current preoccupations include how strangeness is mapped on to certain bodies or characters by dramaturgical frames; fostering ethical encounters between audiences and presumed "others"; and the always-fluid role of the dramaturg, both in the research process and in the rehearsal hall. She has presented her work at the Canadian Association for Theatre Research and has recently published in Theatre Topics. 

In her time at the Centre for Drama, Theatre, and Performance Studies, Lisa has co-organized the 2016 Festival of Original Theatre (FOOT) "Staging Realities",  organized a weekly dissertation writing group and annual writing retreat, and has served on the CDTPS Graduate Student Union for three years. Outside of the Centre, Lisa has worked as a researcher for the PLEDGE Project with the Playwrights Guild of Canada, and works as a freelance dramaturg.

Selected work


BA Spec Hons, York University
MA, University of Toronto