Stefanie Miller

Postdoctoral Fellow


Name of Postdoctoral Fellowship

Arts and Science Postdoctoral Fellow


Stefanie Miller is a scholar, teacher, and practitioner who investigates how contemporary movement practices in North America engage with politics, citizenship, land, and ongoing histories of settler colonialism.  She earned a PhD in Theatre and Performance Studies from Brown University in 2019. Her dissertation, “Performances of Protest in Settler-Colonial Canada,” studied the role of dance and bodily movement in the creation of nationalist narratives and decolonizing protest actions in 21st-century Canada. While at Brown, Stefanie taught courses in dance studies, theatre studies, and persuasive communication.

A dancer-turned-rock climber, Stefanie is currently working on an interdisciplinary book project about histories and cultures of rock climbing in North America. Examining several popular climbing sites in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, the project explores climbing as an everyday, land-based movement practice that intersects with histories of nationalism, land use, tourism and recreation, sport, and human-nonhuman relations.

Selected Works

Montreal’s Maple Spring: The Afterlives of Movement Histories.” Canadian Theatre Review Issue 176 (Fall 2018): 56-61.

States of Insurrection in Native Girl Syndrome.” Performance Matters 2.2 (Fall 2016): 143-150.


PhD, Brown University
MA, Brown University
BA, McGill University
BFA, Concordia University