Drowning Ophelia

Drowning Ophelia is a one act dark comedy that explores the long-term consequences of childhood abuse, and a reminder that hope is always there for those who seek it. It follows the story of Jane, and Ophelia, the literary character who has taken up residence in Jane’s bathtub. As Jane’s past intrudes dangerously on her present, it becomes clear that Ophelia is not simply a character from Hamlet, but a long-forgotten messenger with a question from Jane’s own troubled mind: How do you move on when reconciliation is not an option? Drowning Ophelia is a brutal, yet delicate, and theatrically enthralling love letter to those who have suffered. This powerful and beautifully crafted survivor's tale lives between memory and imagination, thought and action, all supported by a wise Ophelia who walks alongside Jane as she grapples with her trauma and survivor's guilt. 

Cast and Production Team:

Director: Kimia Karachi
Playwright: Rachel Luann Strayer
Stage Manager: Chelsea Young
Sound Designer: Kimia Karachi
Lighting Designer: Cass Iacovelli
Stage Designer: Miriam Mansour
Costume Designer: Emily Gagliano
Graphic Designer: Benny Soave
Choreographer: Kimia Karachi
Jane: Ohryong (Olivia) Kwon
Adam: Nezar El-Rayes
Ophelia: Zia Parcon