Scholarships and Awards

The Centre for Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies presents undergraduate students awards and scholarships to our majors and specialists based on their academic achievement and other criteria that is tied to each award below such as financial need. In order to be considered, students must have a minimum of 3.5 CGPA. 

An endowment established by the proceeds from a fund-raising gala held in January 2016. To provide funding for 3rd and 4th year University College students enrolled in either specialist or major programs in the Centre for Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies. The Director will recommend eligible students to the Registrar.

Awarded to student(s) enrolled in the CDTPS undergradaute program, to assist with the costs of travel in connection with educational opportunities. Financial need will be the primary criterion used in selecting recipients and academic standing in the program may also be a consideration. Awards will be made on the recommendation of the Director. 

This award was established in 1997, from the estate of Arthur Lindsay Fernie. It is given to CDTPS students on the basis of financial need and academic merit. This award is split between CDTPS and the English and Drama department at U of T Mississauga (formerly known as Erindale). Recipients must be Ontario residents.

Created in 1999 by Dr. Isobel Moon in honour of her parents, this scholarship is awarded annually to CDTPS students that have shown ability and special interest in a career in one of the practical and creative fields of theatre production.

Created in 1998 by Tony Comper as a result of his volunteer service with the University of Toronto’s Governing Council, the award honours his wife, Elizabeth. It is awarded annually at the Director’s discretion to outstanding CDTPS stdents. Highest CGPA for a major.

Created in 2000 through a bequest from the estate of Mrs. Phelan (UC ’40), this scholarship is awarded annually to undergradaute CDTPS students who have demonstrated excellent performance. Mrs. Phelan’s daughter, Gail Regan, continues to support the Centre.

Student who graduated with the highest cumulative GPA in the specialist program in CDTPS or combined specialist program in CDTPS and English.

Created in 1997 through the J. P. Bickell Foundation, the Honourable Henry N. Jackman, Foundation Chair, the Bickell awards are made annually to undergraduate CDTPS students in good standing, on the basis of financial need. The Bickell Foundation has been a supporter of University of Toronto scholarships for over 55 years.

Created in 2009 by Lawrence, Robin and Jonathon Beckwith in memory of their late mother, Pamela Terry, this scholarship is awarded annually on the recommendation of the Director to students in financial need who demonstrate promise in the field of directing for theatre.

Created by the students, alumni, and friends of the undergraduate CDTPS program and endowed by Donald Quick and Horst Dantz, this permanently endowed scholarship in honour of past undergraduate CDTPS Director, Pia Kleber, will provide financial support for deserving students of the undergraduate program. Up to three awards are presented annually on the basis of excellence in academic work and performance.

Created by his daughter, Evelyn McAndrew in 1997 and supplemented by a bequest from her estate in 2008, the awards are named in honour of Prof. McAndrew, who was a professor in French at University College from 1919 to 1956, and Registrar of the College from 1928 to1956. The awards are presented to assist CDTPS students on the basis of financial need (OSAP-eligible) and academic merit.

This award is to be given to two Black, Indigenous or other racialized full-time undergraduate students in the Faculty of Arts & Science, St. George campus upon declaration of a Drama Specialist or Major at the CDTPS. The award is renewable for three years up to a total of $22,500 with an annual maximum of $7,500 conditional on continued full-time enrollment as a Drama Specialist/Major with a minimum AGPA of 3.0. The CDTPS Equity and Academic Achievement Award was created in response to being called to task by our alumni, undergraduate and graduate students to confront and address a history of systemic racism. Please note that the initial funding for this award was for two years. As part of our ongoing commitment to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, CDTPS is currently exploring the longer-term sustainability of this award.

Educational Travel Awards

The Centre for Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies is proud to offer our students a scholarship to help them with a non-U of T educational experience each year in another city or country. This scholarship is open to 3rd and 4th year students in the Drama Specialist or Major who have a CGPA of 3.0 or higher. Financial need will be the primary criterion used in selecting recipients. More details will be avaialble in early 2024.