Native Performance Culture and the Rhythm of [RE?]Conciliation: Re-Membering Ourselves in Deep Time

Convener: Jill Carter 

The “Deep Time” working group, which has been supported since its inception (in 2016) by the Jackman Humanities Institute is committed to moving slowly and carefully through the processes of building relationships—with each other, with the work that we are doing, with the communities with and for whom we do our work,  and with the Indigenous stewards (our treaty partners) in these territories, and with the land itself. We have come to understand that it is only through painstaking engagement with the tangled history of settlement that future conciliation might be operationalized; hence, to facilitate such conciliation in our own work, we have plunged into a series of workshops, peripatetic teachings, and artistic encounters to establish methodologies through which to devise works that will build a legacy of honest-encounter and ethical, sustainable research partnerships upon which future generations might build. Additionally, we continue to seek opportunities to meaningfully offer our skills, time and physical labour to support Indigenous community projects that work to strengthen Indigenous individuals.

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