MA Program Requirements

Program Requirements


  • Students must complete a minimum of 4.0 full-course equivalents (FCEs), as approved by the centre, including DRA 5000Y MA Projects in Drama, Theatre, and Performance Studies (1.0 FCE).

  • The centre may prescribe certain courses in the individual programs of MA students.

  • MA students can also take half-credit Directed Reading/Theatre Research courses during the summer. Students may also want to take summer courses in other departments to fulfill their course obligations.

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Program length

Normally, the program requires one year of full-time study (3 full-time sessions, with typical registration sequence of F/W/S), from September to August. In some cases, students with insufficient background in the discipline may be required to take additional prerequisite courses. 

What constitutes good academic standing?

The Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies defines good academic standing following the School of Graduate Studies' Maintaining Good Academic Standing requirements.

MA students are required to achieve a minimum average of A- in their coursework, with no individual course grade below A-. 

Many decisions are made based on good academic standing including: funding, departmental support for research and grant applications, continuation in the program, and more.