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BMO Lab for Creative Research in the Arts, Performance, Emerging Technologies and AI

The BMO Lab is a transdisciplinary hub providing a home for collaborative creative research grounded in art, theatre and performance, and reaching out across the breadth of the Arts and Sciences with special interest in emerging technologies and Artificial Intelligence. This Lab was made possible through an exceptional and visionary financial donation from the Bank of Montreal. 

Theatre is a vital locus of integration among the arts. It is our particular point of entry into an inquiry about both the possibilities and the challenges we face in the rapidly changing world resulting from emerging technologies and AI.

At the Lab, creators and performers work in tandem with researchers and technologists to tease out hidden potentials and challenges, in a continuous feedback loop that provides performers with new modes of expression and researchers with direct experience of how their research unfolds in the human world. 

We teach interdisciplinary courses, engage in technological and academic research, develop tools, run artist and technologist residencies, and present public workshops and events.

Visit the BMO Lab website to learn more.