Dissertations in progress

Name Thesis Title Supervisor
Borochovitz, Ryan Someone Else’s Story: Form, Authorship, and Fidelity in Stage Adaptations of Autobiography Gallagher-Ross, Jacob & Switzky, Larry
Dubleena Tripathi, Munia Effects and Affects of 'Indepedent' Theatre in Kolkata: A Practice-Research Inquiry Gallagher, Kathleen
Gowans, Caitlin Unstable Human and Posthuman Identities in Royal Court Theatre Dramaturgies in the 2010’s Switzky, Larry  
Grech, Alisha #SayHerName: An intersectional feminist analysis of “default gender performativity” and the violence it maintains Cesare Schoztko, T. Nikki
Greyson, John The Limits of Cultural Solidarity: Queer Bodies, Queer Screens, and the Cultural Boycott of Israel Cobb, Michael
Khanin, Ilana Appending and Upending Blockchain Histories Cesare Schoztko, T. Nikki
Koumarianos, Myrto Apprentice to the Self: Research and Practice with the Open Program (Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards)  
Mayo, Keira Innovating and Incorporating Improv in Canada and the US Gallagher-Ross, Jacob
Motum, Robert Scripted Borders: The Political Performance of Micronationhood  Cesare Schoztko, T. Nikki
Nardi, Tony Performing (in) the Multicultural Melting Pot (The impact of diverse cultures on actor training and performances in Canadian theatre, film and television) Pietropaolo, Domenico
Norris, Sonia Precarious Presence and the Trauma of Happiness: Positioning Contemporary Female Clown in a Globalised World Budde, Antje
Paily, Anna Moving Dance from Stage to Image: Ballet in Women's Visual Art, 1910-1930 Gutsche-Miller, Sarah  & Fan, Xing
Pesic, Julija Cultural Specificity, Global Dynamics: The Performance Art of Marina Abramović Trojanowska, Tamara
Renyk, Grahame From Green Gables to Gander: Canadian Musicals since 1965 Gallagher-Ross, Jacob
Thorp, Jessica Nerd Culture and Neo-burlesque Collide: An Ethnographic and Phenomenological Study of Nerdlesque in Toronto Johnson, Stephen
Zhang, Yizhou Gestural Revolutions: The Semiotics of the Acting Bodies in Modernist Theatres Budde, Antje & Heinicke, Julius


Completed Dissertations 

Year Name Thesis Title Supervisor
2023 Diokno, Giorelle  Exceptional as Folk: The Radical Abject and Generative Possibility in Contemporary Filipino Canadian Performance  Cesare Schoztko, T. Nikki
2023 Matias, Julia Revealing Citations: Matrixed Knowledge Production in Neo-Burlesque Striptease Freeman, Barry
2023 Silver, Cassandra Getting in on the Action: Spectatorship at the Technologized Interface of Live Performance Cesare Schoztko, T. Nikki
2023 Skelton, Kevin Breathe, Dance, Sing: Performing Arts Higher Education through a Transdisciplinary Counter-Critical Pedagogy Cesare Schoztko, T. Nikki & L. Midgelow, Vida
2023 Wilkinson, Lydia Humanities and Engineering Intersections Freeman, Barry
2022 Martin, Montgomery  Performing Technology: Mapping Interface Metaphors and Interactive Dramaturgies Budde, Antje
2022 Meindl, Maria Reading Elsa Gindler: Tracing the Legacy of a Somatics Pioneer Johnson, Stephen
2022 Reinhart, Michael Devising Systems: Towards a Formal Appraisal of Group-Based Collaborative Devising  Johnson, Stephen
2022 Robbins, Sarah Out of the Fringes: An intersectional feminist analysis of postsecondary acting training in English Canada Cesare Schoztko, T. Nikki
2022 Watkin, Jessica Disability Dramaturgy: Performance, Care, and Community Cesare Schotzko, Nikki
2021 Akhtari, Nazli Diasporic Constellations: Performing on the Periphery of the Archives Sharma, Sarah
2021 Danckert, Paula Speaking Truth to Historiography: The Power of Dramaturgy in Making Relationships Between Indigenous and Settler Peoples Carter, Jill & Copeland, Nancy
2021 DeGrow, Dave Reading the Theatre: A Lens-based Method for Reading Venued Theatre Companies Johnson, Stephen
2021 Gagnon, Jeff Tactical Dramaturgies: Media, the State, and the Performance of Place-Based Activism Freeman, Barry
2021 Mazumdar, Christine The Balancing Act: Negotiating Athleticism and Artistry in Rhythmic Gymnastics and Other Aesthetic Sports  Cesare Schoztko, T. Nikki
2021 Samur, Sebastian The Rhythmic Voyage of the Performer: A Rhythmanalysis of Three Collectives Trojanowska, Tamara & Fan, Xing
2021 Vodovnik, Sanja Down the Rabbit Hole: Following Science Fiction into Theatre and Performance Budde, Antje
2021 Windeyer, Richard Black Box Exposures: Enriching Public Engagement with Human-Data Relations Through Intermedial Performance Strategies  Budde, Antje
2020 Leadley, Allison Step Right Up! : (Re)Imagining the Freak Show in Contemporary Performance and Disability Theory Cesare Schoztko, T. Nikki
2020 Mealey, Scott Recollections of a Spectator: How intent, style, and familiarity may effect attitudinal change in the theatre spectator Gallagher, Kathleen
2020 Salisbury, Jenny Community-Engaged Theatre Audiences: The Seat of Interpretation Freeman, Barry
2019 Aikman, Lisa Dramaturging Research, Shaping Encounters: Working Methods and Dramaturgical Structures in Contemporary Canadian Documentary Theatre  Copeland, Nancy
2019 Crookston, Cameron Yesterday’s News: Drag’s Performance of an Affective Queer Past Johnson, Stephen
2019 Jones, Matthew The Shock and Awe of the Real: Political Performance in an Age of War and Terror Freeman, Barry
2019 Lior, Noam  Weak Kings, Jews, and Wizards: Performance Dramaturgy in Shakespeare and Marlowe Lopez, Jeremy
2019 Moosavi, Marjan Socio-Cultural Interventionism on the Iranian Stage: Themes and Aesthetics Johnson, Stephen
2019 Thompson, Caitlin Making Fritters of English: Aesthetic Functions of Early Modern Welsh Dialect Comedy Astington, John
2019 Williamson, Ashley The Performance of Canadian History: The Work of Historical Interpreters, Animators, and Re-Enactors Copeland, Nancy
2018 Esling, Natalia Adaptive Sense-Making: The Effects of Sensory Modification on Audience Reception Barton, Bruce
2018 Frijia, Natalie Representing Environmental Identities Through Geodrama Freeman, Barry
2018 Jacobson, Kelsey Locating the Real in Contemporary Canadian Performance Gallagher, Kathleen
2018 Julien, Martin Stubborn Subject: The Persistence of Self in Dramatic Acting  Johnson, Stephen
2018 Klassen, Sharon Wilde and His Legacy: British Commercial Comedy 1892-1930 Switzky, Lawrence
2018 Ortuzar, Jimena Performing Invisible Labour: The Globalization of Care in Aesthetic and Everyday Practice  Quayson, Ato
2018 Smith, Grace Models of Professionalism: Post WWI Strategies and Ideologies Towards a Canadian, Professional Theatre  Copeland, Nancy
2018 Tihanyi, Deborah Conceiving Dramaturgical Practice in English Canada: Histories, Methods, and Models, Post-WWI to the 1990s Pietropaolo, Domenico
2018 Zisman Newman, Laine Placefull Spaces: Queer Women and Non-Binary Artists Resisting an Emptied Stage Goldstein, Tara

Lucci, Laura

Pirandello’s Dramaturgy of Time Pietropaolo, Domenico
2017 Stowell-Kaplan, Isabel They Did the Police in Different Voices: Representations of the Policeman and Private Detective in Victorian Drama, Theatre and Performance. Johnson, Stephen

Babayants, Art

"In Unknown Languages”: Investigating the Phenomenon of Multilingual Acting Gallagher, Kathleen

Boye, Seika

Looking for Social Dance in Toronto’s Black Population at Mid-century: A Historiography Johnson, Stephen

Cole, Jenn

Hysteria: Potential Dramaturgies Toward a Portrait of Ambiguity Johnson, Stephen

Kovacs, Sasha

“I may act till the world grows wild and tense”: The Performances of E. Pauline Johnson Tekahionwake  Johnson, Stephen

Liebembuk, Shelley

The Choteadora’s Body in Performance: Carmelita Tropicana and the Intersectional Strategy of Choteo  Johnson, Stephen

Taucar, Jacqueline

Acting (Outside) the Multicultural Script in Toronto’s Ethno-cultural Festivals  Budde, Antje

Ashby, James

From the Inside Out, from the Outside In: Devising in Canadian Puppet Theatre Barton, Bruce

Babiak, Paul

Slapstick and Knockabout: Violence and Laughter in 19th-Century Theatre and Early Film Johnson, Stephen / Keil, Charles

Blum, Justin

Melodrama, Monstrosity and Modernity: The Theatrical Histories of Jack the Ripper Johnson, Stephen

Campbell Melissa

Acts of Resistance: The Reclaiming of Native Womanhood in Canadian Aboriginal Theatre Barton, Bruce

Fitzsimmons Frey, Heather

Young Adult Spectatorship and Theatre for Young Audiences Gallagher, Kathleen

Cauthon, Courtney

Moving Towards Thought: Theatricality, Technology, and the Theatre Trojanowska, Tamara

Chung, Kathy

Getting it Straight:” Ambivalent Misalignment and the Kinship Idiom in the Drama of Sharon Pollock Plant, Richard

Jordão, Aida

Iñes de Castro in Theatre and Film: A Feminist Exhumation of the Dead Queen Copeland, Nancy

Osakwe, Chima

Revolutionary Drama in Postcolonial Nigeria: The Theatre of Femi Osofisan Esonwanne, Uzoma

Halferty,  Paul J.

Political Stages: Gay Theatre in Toronto, 1967-1985 Most, Andrea

Houle, Gabrielle

Masks and Masked Performance in Giorgio Strehler’s Vision of the Commedia dell’arte Pietropaolo, Domenico

Jackman, Christopher

Disciplined Mind: Implicit Cognition in Devised Performance Barton, Bruce

MacArthur, Michelle

Re-viewing Reception: Criticism of Feminist Theatre in Montreal and Toronto, 1976 to the Present Copeland, Nancy

Turner, Mark

Dissenting Shadows: A History of Film Policy and Production in Newfoundland and Labrador, 1933-1997 Johnson, Stephen

Corbett McCallum, Natalie

Staging Canlit: Reinterpreting the Canadian Literary in English-Language Stage Adaptations of Canadian Fiction and Poetry from 1975-2011 Barton, Bruce

Rich, Alysse

Re-configuring the Chorus: Adaptations of the Greek Tragic Chorus since WWII Revermann, Martin

Jovanovic, Nenad

Brechtian Cinemas: Montage and Theatricality in Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet, Peter Watkins and Lars von Trier Soldovieri, S. 

Papoutsis, Natalie

An Ear for an Eye: Greek Tragedy on Radio Pietropaolo, Domenico

Zaiontz, Keren

The Stagehands of Subversive Spaces: Site-specific Performance and Audience Labour  Copeland, Nancy

Benabu, Joel

Shakespeare’s Openings in Action: A Study of Four Plays from the Period 1591- c.1602 Levenson, J.L.

Carter, Jill

Repairing the Web: Spiderwoman’s Children Staging the New Human Being Sperdakos, Paula

Freeman, Barry

Toward a Postmodern Ethnography of Intercultural Theatre: An Instrumental Case-study of the Prague-Toronto-Manitoulin Theatre Project Gallagher, Kathleen 

Manole, Diana

Poetics of Denial: Expressions of National Identity and Imagined Exile in English-Canadian and Romanian Dramas Plant, Richard

Stuart McKinnon, James

The Dramaturgy of Appropriation: How Canadian Playwrights Use and Abuse Shakespeare and Chekhov Copeland, Nancy

Borody, Claire

Primus Theatre: Establishing an Alternative Model for Creating Theatre in English Canada Barton, Bruce

Colli, Gian Giacomo

The Impossible Tempest: Giorgio Strehler or the Director as Interpreter Astington, John H.

Harrower, Natalie

The Performance of Critical History in Contemporary Irish Theatre and Film Keil, Charles

Malone, Toby

Hast Thou Been Tampering? – Dramaturgical Adaptation in Richard III Levenson, J.L.

Marquis, Elizabeth:

Just Act Naturally: A Poetics of Documentary Performance Keil, Charles

Melo, Sergio

Deconstructing the Transhistorical in Contemporary Productions of The Merchant of Venice Astington, John H.

Ovadija, Mladen

The Dramaturgy of Sound in Futurist Performance Pietropaolo, Domenico

Stathaki, Aktina

Adaptation and Performance of Greek Drama in Post-Apartheid South Africa Quayson, Ato

Whittaker, Robin

Un/Disciplined Performance: Nonprofessionalized Theatre in the Professional Era Barton, Bruce

Wolfe, Graham

Encounters with the Real: A Žižekian Approach to the Sublime and the Fantastic in Contemporary Drama Barton, Bruce

Gardiner, Jessica

The Amusement World”: Theatre as Social Practice in Eighteen-Nineties Toronto Plant, Richard

Schreyer Duarte, Birgit

Made in Kanada? Perception and Construction of Canadianness in English-Canadian Drama on German Stages Barton, Bruce

Adah, Anthony

Embodying the Screen: Body and Identity in Aboriginal Cinemas Armatage, K.

Alvarez, Natalie

The Poetics of Regret: Performance as Nostalgia Johnson, Stephen

Ashperger, Cynthia

Michael Chekhov’s Acting Technique in Contemporary Pedagogy and Practice Sperdakos, Paula

Del Degan, Dario

The Staged Painting of Samuel Beckett Howard, P.

Devine, Michael

Necessary Evils: Strangers, Outsiders, and Outposts in Newfoundland Drama Barton, Bruce

Olayia, Kolawole

The Poetics and Politics of Wole Soyinka and Athol Fugard Kortenaar, Neil ten

Racette, Anna

Shakespeare in the Body: An Exploration of Student Audiences at the Stratford Festival Astington, John H.

Stedman, Samuel

Always Already Almost: Levinas, Derrida, and An Ethico-Political Theatre Johnson, Stephen

Stoesser, Paul J.

Hart House and the International Art Theatre Pietropaolo, Domenico

Gilbert, Schuyler (Sky)

Noel Coward and the Queer Feminine Johnson, Stephen

Gluhovic, Milija

Memory-Theatre of Harold Pinter, Tadeusz Kantor, and Heiner Müller Trojanowska, Tamara

Case, Mary

The Lost Plays of the Beat Generation: Dramaturgical Strategies for the Production of Plays by Kenneth Rexroth, Kenneth Patchen, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and Diane Diprima Blostein. D.A.

Duchesne, Scott

‘Fitful Excellence’: The Great Canadian Theatre Company and English-Speaking Ottawa Theatre, 1975-1983 Plant, Richard

Lindgren, Allana

Dance as Social Activism: The Theory and Practice of Franziska Boas, 1933-1965 Johnson, Stephen

Ormsby, Robert

Staging and Receiving Shakespeare: Four Late Twentieth-Century Productions of Coriolanus Levenson, J.L.

Quint, Cordula

Dramaturgy and Mise en Scene of the Post Modern Abyss: Subjectivity in Robert Wilson’s Theatre, 1967-1987 Pietropaolo, Domenico

Rusch-Drutz, Corinne

Interviewing the Mothers of Invention: A Qualitative Analysis of Women Theatre Practitioners in Toronto Murray, H. / Plant, Richard

Schweitzer, Marlis

Becoming Fashionable: Actresses, Fashion, and the Development of American Consumer Culture, 1893-1919
Johnson, Stephen

Solga, Kimberley

Invisible Acts: Performing Violence Against Women in Early Modern and Contemporary Drama in English
Copeland, Nancy

D’Anger, Tanya

New World Visions: A Textual Analysis of the Plays of Normand Chaurette, René-Daniel Dubois, and Jean-Marc Dalpé, from 1975-1996, Exploring Their Growing Preoccupation with the Status and Role of the Individual in Western Society Doucette, L.E.

Fitzpatrick, Elizabeth

The Emergence of a Post-National Aesthetic in Contemporary Irish Drama 1980-2000 Sidnell, M.J.

Meerzon, Yana

Actor, Stage Figure and Dramatic Character Semiosis in Michael Chekhov’s Theatre Practice and Theory Ambros, Veronika

Stephenson, Jennifer

Uplifted to the View: A Phenomenology of Shakespearean Metatheatre Leggatt, A.M.

Walkinshaw, Anges

A Foundation of Knowledge About Drama within the Primary and Junior Education System Wilkinson, J.

Beddows, Joël

L’institution Théâtrale Franco-Ontarienne (1971-1991): Entre Mission Communautaire et Ambition Professionnelle
O’Neill-Karch, M.

Coulthard, Lisa

Trauma Talk: Theorizing Violence and Victimization in Contemporary Performance Copeland, Nancy

Kydd, Zorana

From Vaudeville to Broadway: The Theatre of George Kelly Hayne, B.

Reid, Sharon

The Stages of Augustin Daly Domenico Pietropaolo

Simm, Teresa

Antonia Pulci and the Practice of Convent Performance in Renaissance Italy Pietropaolo, Domenico

Skidmore, James

A Critical Analysis of Cirque du Soleil, 1987-2001 Bouissac, P.

Akalin, Esin

Discovering Self and Other: Representation of Ottoman Turks in English Drama (1656-1792) Corman, B.

Carpenter, Ian

Comic Violence: from Commedia dell’Arte to Contemporary Cinema Hayne, B.S.

Jestrovic, Silvija

Making the Familiar Strange in Theatre and Drama: From Russian Formalist Avant-Garde to Brecht Ambros, Veronika

Johnston, Kirsty

Staging Madness: Dramatic Modes of Representing Mental Illness at the Workman Theatre Project, 1989-2001 Plant, Richard

Cockett, Peter

Incongruity, Humour and Early English Comic Figures: Armin’s Natural Fools, the Comic Vices, and Tarlton The Clown Astington, John H.

Costello, Charles

For any Spirringes in Pat Space: The Theatrical Game of the York Plays Johnston, A.F.

Galery, Maria-Clara

Identifying Strategies for the Production and Reception of Shakespeare in Brazil and Argentina Neglia E./ Sternberg, R.

Sivak, Nadine

‘Howwe gonna find my Me?’: Situating the Self in Contemporary North American Drama and Film Flinn, C.

Bendikas, Kristina

Opera Productions of Jean-Pierre Ponnelle: The American Years (1958- 1986) Marker, Lise-Lone

Ceolin, Mark

Francesco Algarotti and Francesco Milizia: Architectural and Dramatic Theorists of the Italian Enlightenment Pietropaolo, Domenico

Harries, Rebecca

The Monstrous World and its Shadow – The Grotesque Aesthetic and the Apocalyptic in German Expressionist Drama and Film Hayne, B.S.

Shih, Wen-Shan

Intercultural Theatre: Two Bejing Opera Adaptations of Shakespeare Leggatt, A.M.

Weiss, Peter

Forgotten Reality, Remembered Fiction: Production Values and Court Opera, 1598-1608 Pietropaolo, Domenico / Parker, M.A

Appleford, Robert

The Indian ‘Act’: Postmodernism and Native Canadian Performance Plant, Richard

Golomb, Liorah

Peter Barnes and the Nature of Authority Leggatt, A.M.

Herr, Christopher

Life Printed on Dollar Bills: The Idea of the Marketplace in Clifford Odets Marker, Frederick J. 

Jaffe, Erith

Towards a Paradigm of the Polylingual Performance: Linguistic and Metalinguistic Functioning in the Commedia dell’Arte Pietropaolo, Domenico

Mann, Laurin

Actor Training in Toronto: Theory in Practice Sidnell, M.J.

Moser, Marlene

Postmodern Performance and Feminist Practice in the Canadian Context: A Study of Identity in Selected Plays of Judith Thompson and Margaret Hollingsworth and Selected Films of Patricia Gruben Kerckhove, D. de

Piccolo, Cynthia

The Characterization of the Judge in English Medieval and Tudor Drama Klausner, D.N.

Rusnak, Stephen

A Phenomenology of Dramatic Dialogue Pietropaolo, Domenico

Scovell, Dawn

A Performance History of Christopher Marlowe’s Edward II on the British Stage and Screen Levenson, J.L.

Shiller, Romy

A Critical Exploration of Cross-Dressing and Drag in Gender Performance and Camp in Contemporary North American Drama and Film Flinn, C.

Andrews, Una

Tyrone Guthrie and the Open Stage Controversy in Post-War Britain Bryden, Ronald

Freeman, Sarah Jane

‘Speake That I May See Thee’: Figures of Rhetoric in Shakespeare’s Comedies Levenson, J.L.

Hanson, Richard

Principal Witness: Herbert Whittaker and Canadian Drama Bryden, Ronald

Little, Edward

Theatre and Community: A Case Study of Four Colway-Style Plays Performed in Canada Parker, R. Brian

Scott, Shelley

Feminist Theory and Nightwood Theatre Sidnell, M.J.

Sokalaski, Joseph

The Theatre of Steele MacKaye: Pictorial Illusion on the American Stage Marker, Lise-Lone

Stoeber, Colette

Harold Pinter’s Play with Form: a Cross-Media Analysis of His Texts Marker, Frederick J. 

Migliarisi, Anna

Theories of Directing in Late Renaissance and Early Baroque Italy Pietropaolo, Domenico

Tallman, Kenneth

Challenges to Representation in Selected Stage Plays of Samuel Beckett Saddlemyer, Ann

Barton, Bruce

Changing Frames: Medium Matters in Selected Plays and Films of David Mamet Bryden, Ronald

Rae, Elizabeth

Christopher Newton’s Years at the Shaw Festival, 1980-1993 Saddlemyer, Ann

Redondo, Susana

The Female Spectator as Subject in Contemporary British Drama Saddlemyer, Ann

Scott, Robert

Professional Companies and Performers in Ontario, 1914 to 1967 Saddlemyer, Ann

Silversky, Sandra

The Role of the Designer in Canadian Theatre Saddlemyer, Ann

Steinacker, Wiltrud

Georg Fuchs and the Concept of the Relief Stage Jaumann, H.

Underhill, Jacqueline

The Staging of Biblical Plays in Coventry, 1392 to 1579 Johnston, A.F.

Wise, Jennifer

Prolegomenon to the Study of Dramatic and Theatrical Theory Kerckhove, D. de

Defraeye, Piet

Shocking the Audience: A Study of Audience Provocation in the Theatre with Special Reference to Arrabal, Handke and Brenton Sidnell, M.J.

Press, Anita

Sadler’s Wells Theatre under Charles Dibdin the Younger from 1800 to 1819: When Britannia Ruled the Stage Marker, Lise-Lone

Kerr, Rosalind

The Actress as Androgyne in the Commedia dell’Arte Scenarios of Flaminio Scala Pietropaolo, Domenico

Trojanowska, Tamara

Slawomire Mrozek and Vaclav Havel: Moral Theatre of Identity in Crisis Bryden, Ronald

Bain, Theodore

The Theme of Intellectual Dandyism in Modern British Drama: A Study of Simon Gray Bryden, Ronald

Cottreau, Deborah

Text, Context and Decentring the ‘I’: Beckett’s Later Stage Plays Saddlemyer, Ann

Gantar, Jure

Dramaturgical Strategies for Producing Laughter Sidnell, M.J.

Gibson, Sarah

Canadian Plays for Young Audiences: James Reaney, Carol Bolt and Dennis Foon Saddlemyer, Ann

Nichols, Glen

Textual Adaptations for Amateur Performances in Quebec, 1875-1908 Doucette, L.E.

Nichols, Louise

Silent Characters in Shakespeare’s Plays: Texts and Productions Astington, John H.

Sloniowski, Jeannette

Cinema of Cruelty: Affective Rhetoric in Film Skvorecky, J. / Bryden, Ronald

Smigel, Elizabeth

Dance as a Dramaturgical Device in Victorian Drama: the Plays of Charles Selby, 1802-1863 Bryden, Ronald

Walker, Craig

Versions of the ‘Poetic’ in Canadian Drama Blostein, D.A.

Weaver, Bronwyn

Empowering the Children: Theatre for Young Audiences in Canada Courtney, R.

Hauck, Gerhard

Reductionism in Drama and the Theatre: the Case of Samuel Beckett Blostein, D.A.

Jones, Sally L.

The Original Characters of Edwin Forrest and his American Style Marker. Lise-Lone

Michel, Barbara

Orchestration of Light, Space and Form: The Role of the Art Director in the Classical Hollywood Cinema Tolton, C.D.E.

Dwyer, Ruth

Malcolm St. Clair, 1897-1957 Skvorecky, J.

Kirkley, R. Bruce

Theatre into Television: Practice and Theory in English-Canadian Drama, 1951-1987 Saddlemyer, Ann

Smith, Catherine

Parody in the Plays and Productions of George F. Walker Parker, R. Brian

Sperdakos, Paula

Dora Mavor Moore: Her Career in Canadian Theatre Bryden, Ronald

Blasting, Ralph

The Kunzelsau Corpus Christi Play: A Dramaturgical Analysis Johnston, A.F.

Chiba, Yoko

The Influence of the Noh In Yeats’s Theatre Sidnell, M.J.

Fort, Timothy 

Incandescence and the Birth of Modern Lighting Design, 1895-1925 Marker, Lise-Lone

Pilkington, Lionel

The Northern Ireland Crisis in Contemporary Irish and British Drama Saddlemyer, Ann

Rockett, William

The Savage Cinema: Transcendence in the Film of Terror Skvorecky, J.

Walsh, Paul

Strindberg’s New Naturalism Marker, Lise-Lone

Day, Moira

The Influence of Elizabeth Sterling Hayes on the Alberta Theatre Movement Saddlemyer, Ann

Johnston, Denis

Toronto’s Alternate Theatres in the 1970s Saddlemyer, Ann

Peel, William

The Role of the Dramatic Text in the Theory and Practice of Jacques Copeau Marker, Lise-Lone

Rewa, Natalie

Amateur and Garrison Theatricals in Kingston and Quebec City, 1800-1880 Saddlemyer, Ann / Doucette, L.E.
1987 Schiller, Chris Dramatic Language in the Plays of Stoppard, Shaffer, Bond and Arden  Sidnell, M.J.

Abel, Douglas

The Acting of Edmund Kean, Tragedian Marker, Lise-Lone

Copeland, Nancy

Spranger Barry, Garrick’s ‘Great Rival’: His Contribution to 18th-Century Acting Marker, Lise-Lone

Filewood, Alan

The Development and Performance of Documentary Theatre in English-Speaking Canada, 1959-1980 Sidnell, M.J.

Wagner, Anton

Herman Voaden’s Symphonic Expressionism Saddlemyer, Ann

Westley, Meg

A Stage History of Troilus and Cressida Marker, Lise-Lone

Blagrave, Mark

Playwriting in the Maritime Provinces, 1845-1903 Saddlemyer, Ann

Forbes Park, Alan

The Dramas of Edward Bulwar, First Lord Lytton: An Historical, Thematic and Stylistic Evaluation Davies, Robertson

Kleber, Pia

The Influence of Bertolt Brecht on Roger Planchon’s Mises en Scene Blostein, D.A.

Lenton, Gerald Bartley Bruce

The Development and Nature of Vaudeville in Toronto, 1899-1915 Saddlemyer, Ann

Lynde,  Denyse C

Myth and Image-Makers: A Study of the Plays of Gwen Pharis Ringwood and Lady Gregory Saddlemyer, Ann

Westfall, Suzanne R.

The Entertainment of a Noble Patron: Early Tudor Household Revels Lancashire, D.I.

Gardner, David Emmett

An Analytic History of the Theatre in Canada: The European Beginnings to 1760 Davies, Robertson

Parry, David Mackenzie

The Castle of Perseverance: a Critical Edition Leyerle, J.

Rudakoff, Judith D.

Characterization and Interaction in the Plays of David French, David Freeman, Michel Tremblay and David Fennario Saddlemyer, Ann

Skene, Reginald R.

Theatre and Community: Development Toward a Professional Theatre in Winnipeg, 1897-1958 Bryden, Ronald

Butler, Susan Hardy

A Shakespeare Scrutiny Parker, R. Brian

Elliott, Hilary M.

Images of Society in English-Canadian Drama, 1919-1975 Saddlemyer, Ann

Gaskell, Ian

The Ironic Perspective in Marlowe’s Plays Maclure, M.

O’Dell, Leslie Ann

Theatrical Events in Kingston, Ontario: 1879-1897 Davies, Robertson

Much, Rita E.

The Staging of Ibsen’s Modern Plays in England Marker, Lise-Lone

Salter, Denis William Salter

A Stylistic Analysis of Henry Irving’s Non-Shakespearean Productions, 1870-1905 Marker, Lise-Lone

Cooper, Thomas William

Pioneers in Communicating: The Lives and Thought of Harold Innis and Marshall McLuhan Skvorecky, J.

Hendrickx, Johan R.

Ben Travers and the English Farce Tradition Bryden, Ronald

Levine, Ira

Theatre in Revolt: Left-Wing Dramatic Theory in the United States (1911-1939) Saddlemyer, Ann

Redfern, Jon

To Refine and Reform the English Stage: A Study of James Robinson Planche’s Scenic Reforms, 1820-1850 Marker, Lise-Lone

Rittenhouse, Jonathan

A Critical Edition of 1 Sir John Oldcastle Lancashire, A.C.

Usin, Lea V.

From Scatology to Eschatology: Religious Elements in the Drama of Michel de Ghelderode Riese, L.

Binnie, Eric

A Critical Examination of the Theatrical Designs of Charles Ricketts (1866-1931) Saddlemyer, Ann

Diamond, Marc Leslie

English Theatre Lighting in the Nineteenth Century Marker, Lise-Lone

Fulks, Wayne M.

The Seasonal Comedies of Christopher Fry: The Lady’s Not for Burning, Venus Observed, The Dark is Light Enough, A Yard of Sun LePan, D.V.

Plant, Richard L.

Leaving Home: A Thematic Study of Canadian Literature with Special Emphasis on Drama, 1606-1977 Margeson, J.

Craven, Marilyn A.

The Theatre of Peter Terson: An Examination of the Playwright’s Evolving Style, with Emphasis on Selected Plays Performed at the Victoria Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent Saddlemyer, Ann

Dugan, James

A Critical Study of the Plays of Elizabeth Inchbald Davies, Robertson

Schonberg, Michael

The Osvobozene Divadlo (The Liberated Theatre) of Voskovec and Werich: A History Skvorecky, J.

Braid, Angus

The Adelphi Drama (1825 to 1858): A Theatrical Tradition Marker, Lise-Lone

Elchen, Sylvia V.

Costume in the Theatre of Edward Gordon Craig Leggatt, A.M.

Hannaford, Stephen

The Significant Object in Western Comedy Leggatt, A.M.

Kelly, Veronica

A Study of the Theatre of Eugene Ionesco Riese, L.

Mlodzik, Ronald Antony

Stephen Philips: An Investigation of his Career in London’s West End, 1899-1906 Davies, Robertson

Froelich, Alfred

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