Community Assistance Participation (CAP)

CAP provides students with opportunities to participate in the operation and activities of the University of Toronto's Centre for Drama, Theatre, and Performance Studies. This participation is part of the curriculum and allows the CDTPS and its students to organize a wide range of events and activities to complement the basic curriculum as well as to support curricular activities, events, and performances.

CAP activities also expose students to skills and services that expand their experience within theatre processes and methods and build a strong sense of community. Typical CAP activities include helping with our productions, assisting in their publicity of CDTPS productions and activities, and improving and maintaining the Centre’s facilities and equipment.


For 2020/21, non-completion of CAP (Community Assistance Participation) activities will result in a 2% deduction from your final grade instead of the usual 4% deduction.  This change is in effect because of COVID, and limited access to in-person CAP Calls.

For DRM228H, DRM428H and DRM302H:

Please note that for the 2020-2021 school year, this course requires the completion of 2 CAP activities, non-completion of which will result in a 2% deduction from your final grade. Activities counting towards CAP include the forthcoming Incident Reporting Information Session (Sept 25, 1:10 - 2:30 pm) and the Intimacy & Consent Workshop (Oct 20, 5pm – 6pm).

One or two other workshops counting towards CAP and/or other CAP task calls will be announced throughout the semester. 


For DRM200Y and DRM300Y:

Please note that for the 2020-2021 school year, this course requires the completion of 4 CAP (Community Assistance Participation) activities, non-completion of which will result in a 2% deduction from your final grade. Activities counting towards CAP include the forthcoming Incident Reporting Information Session (Sept 25, 1:10 - 2:30 pm), the Intimacy & Consent Workshop (Oct 20, 5pm – 6pm). and the ARCDO Anti-Racism and Equity Workshop (S term - date and time TBC).

Other workshops and guest lectures counting towards CAP and other CAP task calls will be announced throughout the academic year. 


  • CAP can be completed remotely in 2020/21.
  • 2% CAP deductions are not tied to DRM403Y, DRM413H, DRM375H, DRM402H, DRM254H, DRM354H, DRM355Y, DRM454H, DRM455H.

2019-20 CAP Call Example

Date Category Time Length of CAP call Location Supervisor Description & Tasks Number of CAP calls available
Friday, December 6, 2020 Event support 6 -8pm or
7pm -9pm
2 hours

Front & Long Rooms

Tara Maher Set up for the Directors' Showcase Opening Night Reception 2 students per shift

Who needs to do CAP?

Students enrolled in the following practical courses*:
Full Year Studio Courses (8 hours OR 4 CAP Activities in 2020-21)
DRM 200Y
DRM 300Y

Half-Year Studio Courses (4 hours OR 2 CAP Activities in 2020-21)
DRM 202H1 F
DRM 328H1 F
DRM 400H1 F
DRM 228H1 S
DRM 302H1 S
DRM 428H1 S

DRM402H1 F students are not required to complete CAP hours as they will complete their hours holding auditions and rehearsals. 

*Students also enrolled in DRM254H1 F, DRM354H1 S, DRM355Y1 or DRM454H1/DRM455H1 are not required to complete CAP hours. These exceptions stand as long students in these three courses maintain good academic standing and adequate participation in those courses (some outside class time hours will be expected).

Frequently Asked Questions - 2019

4 hours per semester. No student will be required to complete more than 8 hours of CAP regardless of taking more than one practical course.

4 hours of CAP must be completed per term. Failure to do so will mean a loss of up to 4% off the overall end-of-year mark. Not showing up or finding a replacement for a missed CAP Call will result in a 1% deduction from your studio course.

  • SUDS Team = 4 hours 

  • DRM200Y Audition Greet & Vocal Warm-up = 1 - 2 hours

  • Rehearsals for a Directors Show (DRM402H) = 4 hours 

  • Perform/Crew in a Directors Show (DRM402H) = 4 hours  

  • Fall Campus Day Ambassador = 3-4 hours  

  • Rehearsing & reading for the DRM228H/DRM328H/DRM428H Playwriting Showcases (end of term) = 3 hours 

  • Performance/Town Hall seating set up & tear down = 1 hour 

  • Designing show poster & online promotion for class presentations = 2 hours 

  • Front of House  for DRM402H/DRM403Y Shows = 3 - 4 hours 

  • Postering for events (DRM402H/DRM403Y Shows) = 2 hours 

  • Reception helper = 2 - 3 hours 

  • Sweep & mop the Perf, Playhouse & LCR = 1 hour

The Student Administrator , Moyukh Syeed, will send out regular emails to students needing CAP and post these opportunities on the Student (only) Facebook group. Moyukh will also be available for office hours (Thursdays 4pm - 5pm or by Appointment) over Zoom. Email for the Zoom meeting link. 

If you are unable to attend a CAP call, please find a replacement and put them in touch with both the Student Administrator and your supervisor informing them of the student taking your place. You will not receive hours for missed CAP calls.

Please note: you may complete all the required CAP hours, but if you cancel with less than 24 hours notice or are a no-show, you will receive a 1% deduction regardless of completing the 4 hours at a later date.

An email will be sent out in November and March to remind students how many activities they’ve completed, and how many they have to fill. If you have an urgent inquiry, please email the Student Administrator.

Yes. Before your CAP call, you may receive an email reminder, but it is ultimately your responsibility to remember what you have signed up for and who your supervisor is. If you do not know where and when to meet for your call, you should contact the supervisor ahead of time for that information. Let the supervisor for the call know that you’ve arrived, and await further instruction.

Once you have finished the call make sure the supervisor signs your CAP Call Form. Within two weeks, your CAP record should be updated.

Students must pick up a blank CAP Call Form outside of the Student Office (2nd Floor of the Playhouse) before or directly after your CAP call. Fill it out, have it signed by the supervisor of the call once you finish, and then place it in the ‘CAP Completed’ folder outside the student office.

Submitting a signed and completed CAP Call Form is the only way to have your hours tracked.

If there are no blank forms, notify the CAP Coordinator or Colleen or download and print your own form here

Any CDTPS Faculty, TAs, Staff and the Student Administrator. 

Creating CAP Calls (Faculty & Staff only)

To create a CAP call, please email the Student Administrator, Moyukh Syeed with the following information at least 1 week in advance

  1. What is the CAP call for (event and tasks)?
  2. Where is the CAP call taking place?
  3. When is the CAP call (date and time)?
  4. How many hours is the call?
  5. How many students are needed?
  6. Who is supervising the call (name and email)? 

Instructors are allowed to have a student voluteering for CAP that they create without going through the Student Administrator However, the instructor must sign the student's CAP Call Completion Form so the student can submit a record of the Call.

If this is an urgent or last minute call, please put out the call yourself and copy the Student Administrator so we can spread the word  right away.

See Examples of CAP Calls above that faculty, TAs, and staff can request and supervise.

Office Hours: Moyukh Office Hours: Thursdays 4pm – 5pm (F term)