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Our Graduates in Academia

Name  Graduated Dissertation Current Employment
Matt Jones 2020

The Shock and Awe of the Real: Political Performance and the War on Terror

Assistant Professor (LTF), School of Professional Communication, The Creative School, Toronto Metropolitan University

NazLi Akhtari  2021 Diasporic Constellations: Performing on the Periphery of the Archives Assistant Professor (CLTA), English and Drama, University of Toronto Mississauga 
Cameron Crookston 2019 Yesterday’s News: Drag’s Performance of an Affective Queer Past Lecturer, Cultural Studies, Okanagan Campus, UBC
Marjan Moosavi 2019 Socio-Cultural Interventionism on the Iranian Stage: Themes and Aesthetics Full-time Lecturer, Roshan Institute for Persian Studies at the University of Maryland
Kelsey Jacobson 2018 Locating the Real in Contemporary Canadian Performance Assistant Professor, Dan School of Drama and Music at Queen’s University 
Isabel Stowell-Kaplan 2017 They Did the Police in Different Voices: Representations of the Policeman and Private Detective in Victorian Drama, Theatre and Performance

Marie Curie Research Fellow, Department of Theatre, University of Bristol, UK

Art Babayants


Investigating the phenomenon of multilingual acting

Assistant Professor, Departments of Music and Theatre, Bishop's University, Sherbrooke, Quebec

Seika Boye


Looking for Social Dance in Toronto’s Black Population at Mid-century: A Historiography

Lecturer, CDTPS, Director of the Institute for Dance Studies

Jenn Cole

2016 Hysteria: Potential Dramaturgies Toward a Portrait of Ambiguity Assistant Professor in Gender and Women's Studies at Trent University

Sasha Kovacs

2016 “I may act till the world grows wild and tense”: The Performances of E. Pauline Johnson Tekahionwake 

Assistant Professor, University of Victoria Theatre

Shelley Liebembuk

2016 The Choteadora’s Body in Performance: Carmelita Tropicana and the Intersectional Strategy of Choteo

Assistant Professor, University of Fraser Valley

Jacqueline Taucar

2016 Acting (Outside) the Multicultural Script in Toronto’s Ethno-cultural Festivals 

Instructor, Brock University

Justin Blum

2015 Melodrama, Monstrosity and Modernity: The Theatrical Histories of Jack the Ripper

Assistant Professor, University of Lethbridge

Heather Fitzsimmons Frey 2015

Victorian Girls and At-Home Theatricals: Performing and Playing with Possible Futures

Assistant Professor, Arts & Cultural Management, MacEwan University

Paul Babiak

2015 Slapstick and Knockabout: Violence and Laughter in 19th-Century Theatre and Early Film

Fight choreographer and movement coach

James Ashby

2015 From the Inside Out, from the Outside In: Devising in Canadian Puppet Theatre

Sessional Lecturer, CDTPS, University of Toronto

Chima Osakwe

2014 Revolutionary Drama in Postcolonial Nigeria: The Theatre of Femi Osofisan

Visiting Assistant Professor at William and Mary, English and Africana Studies

Aida Jordao

2014 Iñes de Castro in Theatre and Film: A Feminist Exhumation of the Dead Queen

Sessional Instructor at York University (Portuguese) and U of T

Kathy Chung

2014 Getting it Straight: Ambivalent Misalignment and the Kinship Idiom in the Drama of Sharon Pollock

Research Associate at U of T Digital Humanities English Drama

Courtney Cauthon

2014 Moving Towards Thought: Theatricality, Technology, and the Theatre

Lecturer, Department of Theatre, University of Denver

Mark Turner

2013 Dissenting Shadows: A History of Film Policy and Production in Newfoundland and Labrador, 1933-1997

Manager of Archives & Media Literacy for the Tradition & Transition Among the Labrador Inuit Research Partnership

Michelle MacArthur

2013 Re-viewing Reception: Criticism of Feminist Theatre in Montreal and Toronto, 1976 to the Present

Assistant Professor, School of Dramatic Art Windsor University

Chris Jackman

2013 Disciplined Mind: Implicit Cognition in Devised Performance

Academic Chair of Arts & Design, Centennial College
Lock and Keynote Productions, individual practice

Paul Halferty

2013 Political Stages: Gay Theatre in Toronto, 1967-1985

Assistant Professor, University College Dublin

Alysse Rich

2012 Re-configuring the Chorus: Adaptations of the Greek Tragic Chorus since WWII

Principal of Children's Jewish Studies Program at Danforth Jewish Circle, Sessional Instructor at Centennial College

Keren Zaiontz

2011 The Stagehands of Subversive Spaces: Site-specific Performance and Audience Labour 

Assistant Professor, Queens University Film and Media

Nenad Jovanovic

2011 Brechtian Cinemas: Montage and Theatricality in Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet, Peter Watkins and Lars von Trier

Assistant Professor, Wright State University Ohio

James McKinnon

2010 The Dramaturgy of Appropriation: How Canadian Playwrights Use and Abuse Shakespeare and Chekhov

Tutor, Quest University in BC

Diana Manole

2010 Poetics of Denial: Expressions of National Identity and Imagined Exile in English-Canadian and Romanian Dramas

Adjunct faculty, Theatre and English at Trent University

Julie Burelle 2008 Encounters on Contested Lands: Indigenous Performances of Sovereignty and Nationhood in Quebec Associate Professor Department of Theatre and Dance
University of California, San Diego / University of California, Irvine