Curricular Invitations: Modes of Restor(y)ation in Troubled Times

The Centre will continue to fund the Curricular Invitations: Modes of Restor(y)ation in Troubled Times speaker series this academic year. 

Answering the call from our current students and alumni to expand the breadth of our courses by opening them up to a wider variety of voices and experiences, this initiative bespeaks an enduring and substantive commitment by the CDTPS to ensure the sustainability of the good work that has already been set in motion, to broaden its scope across the Centre, and to extend its reach within our community. To this end, the Centre has formally established a fund, which is dedicated to sustaining the engagement of diverse voices, in particular Black, Indigenous, Racialized, LGBTQ2S+artists and scholars and specialists in non-Western artistic practices, in curricular expansion. 

If you (CDTPS instructors only) have a guest in mind that you would like to invite to your course to be part of this series, please contact the CDTPS Director Kathleen Gallagher, Undergraduate Associate Director Seika Boye and Graduate Associate Director Jill Carter to get approval. Once you have received approval, please contact Tara Maher who will help you with the administrative process and any questions you might have about the guest speaker information form

Please also contact who will help you with the remuneration for your guest. The total budget for this year’s speaker series is $6,000. We offer each speaker up to $250 as an honorarium.
The Centre’s community will have access to these guests via email invitations from Drama Communications to their lectures, presentations, workshops, and other forms of engagement. The instructors and guests will determine the scope, form, and goals of this participation.

The following is a list of some of our invited guest speakers:


  • Mike Payette
  • Mumbi Tinyebwa Otu
  • Walter Borden
  • Debashis Sinha
  • Emily Cheung
  • Jordan Tannahill
  • Aria Evans
  • Cole Alvis
  • Miriam Fernandes


  • Jordan Tannahill
  • Christine Sokaymoh Frederick and Matthew MacKenzie
  • Dr. Annie Katsura Rollins
  • Lua Sheyanne
  • Deanna H. Choi
  • Monique Mojica
  • Rodney Diverlus
  • Debashis Sinha
  • Johnathan Young
  • Dr. Julie Iezzi
  • Amanda Parris
  • Darian Dauchan 
  • Jerome Ellis and Troy Anthony
  • Dr. Petra Kuppers