MA Tuition and Funding

A&S Tuition, Fees & Base Funding Package - 2023-24

Humanities & Social Sciences
  Domestic Master's International Master's
Base Amount $20,00.00 $20,000.00
Tuition $6,390.00 $28,900.00
Incidental Fees - STG $2003.96 $2,003.96
UHIP N/A $756.00
Tution & Fees Total $8,393.96 $31,659.96
Base Package Total $28,393.96 $51,659.96
A&S Base Package $28,394 $51,660

The CDTPS funds our Master of Arts Program at 50% of full Arts and Science funding.



  • 2023-24 full-time = $8,393.96 ($6,390.00 tuition + $2,003.96 mandatory incidental fees) 


  • 2023-24 full-time = $31,659.96 ($28,900.00 tuition + $2,003.96 mandatory incidental fees + $756.00 UHIP)

MA Program Funding

In 2001, the Faculty of Arts and Science introduced a base funding package for eligible graduate students. This package has increased substantially over time. The base funding package helps the Faculty to recruit outstanding students and allows these students to focus on their studies and complete their degrees in a timely manner.

The Centre for Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies provides 50% of the PhD base funding package to full-time domestic MA students. In 2023-24, 50% of the base funding package is $14.226.00, which includes a stipend of $9,600 plus $4,226.00 toward tuition and fees. Full-time international student's tuition is higher, therefore their 50% base funding package is $26,237.00, which includes a stipend of $9,600 plus $16,237.00 toward tuition and fees.

Students are responsible for any course-related expenses, as well as payment of their tuition and fees. Tuition and fees are subject to change on an annual basis. In 2023-24, the tuition fee for full-time domestic students is $8,394.00.  Additional information is available on the Student Accounts website

The base funding package may consist of a University of Toronto Fellowship (UTF) and a Research Assistant Stipend (RA Stipend). There is a possibility of top-ups from sources such as Event and Technical Positions (ETP) (maximum: $2,500).

More Information

PLFs are provided by Faculty of Arts and Science. For the 2023-24 academic year, the Faculty of Arts and Science is allocating $1,000 for each registered PhD and MA student. The distribution of funds is determined in consultation with graduate students each year. For the 2023-24 year, we will distribute 50% of allocated funds to MA and PhD students' base funding ($500 per MA and Year 1-5 PhD students) and the other 50% to Black, Indigenous, and other racialized MA and PhD students.

ETPs are available from September 14 to August 31 to MA students only. In addition to the guaranteed base funding, students are eligible to secure up to $2,500 by signing up for positions and tasks made available by CDTPS. This list of available work will be provided to students shortly after orientation day. The work will be recorded on timesheets and paid by hour based on the USW (United Steelworkers) rate.

Every year the Centre hires work-study students to provide employment and career development opportunities. This is a part of the University of Toronto financial aid program. Students may apply for the positions advertised by the Centre, but also for positions advertised by individual faculty members and other departments.

Work-Study positions for the 2024-25 academic year will be made available on the Career Learning Network website

Job postings will be made available to view in August 2024. All students registered as full time for the 2024-25 year will be eligible to apply.

Direct Deposit

The stipend part of University of Toronto Fellowship payments are paid through direct deposit. To set up direct deposit, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your ACORN account. 
  2. Ensure your contact information, including address, is up-to-date under Profile & Settings
  3. Click on Financial Account in the left menu. 
  4. Select Direct Deposit and enter your banking information. You will need your transit number, bank number, and account number. 


  1. Your ETP payments are made through the University of Toronto payroll system (HRIS). All new students should see the Department Manager within the first week of October to obtain payroll documents and information on deadlines.
    1. The required documents are:
      1. Banking Authorization Form
      2. Void cheque or printout from bank with account information
      3. TD1 Tax Form, TD1-ON Tax Form
      4. Photocopy of Social Insurance Number (SIN) card, and
      5. Photocopy of study permit (if not a citizen or resident of Canada).
    2. Note to international students: If you do not have a Social Insurance Number, please secure the information required by Services Canada in applying for a Canadian Social Insurance Number (SIN). You must have a valid Social Insurance Number in order to earn income in Canada. 

Important notes:

  • ACORN/ROSI and U of T's payroll HR system are not connected and therefore any changes to your information must be submitted separately for each system.
  • Payroll entries must be processed by the payroll close date, which is typically about the 16th of the month, and about the 7th in December. Your information must reach the Department Manager in sufficient time to allow for processing.

UTF payment comes in two forms: a stipend and tuition.

  • The stipend is paid three times a year: at the beginning of September, January, and May.
  • The tuition is paid directly into the ROSI account in two instalments, in September and January.

CGS-M, SSHRC, FAST and OGS awards are paid in three instalments in September, January, and May. Students holding CGS-M, SSHRC and OGS awards are responsible for paying their tuition as it is NOT automatically deducted from these awards.

RAship Stipend is paid into your account in October by direct deposit.

ETP payday is on the 28th of each month (earlier in December due to university closure).

Scholarships and Awards

MA students are also eligible for scholarships and awards

Financial Aid Resources 

If you are interested in our MA program, you should familiarize yourself with the kinds of financial aid available and related deadlines: