About our Graduate Studies

We offer rigorous and competitive education in MA and PhD streams that provides exceptional research opportunities and interdisciplinary connections at the first-ranked and largest university in Canada in the rich cultural landscape of Toronto. 

The major objectives for both streams include: an international standard of research and education in the fields of drama, theatre and performance studies; inclusive diversity of knowledge(s) and original knowledge production; interdisciplinary opportunities of learning and research; both comprehensive and specialized education in our fields; and facilitating professionalization, professional networking, and internationalization. 

Our students have access to a broad range of employment and self-employment opportunities in the academy, creative industries, and the public sectors of education, healthcare, social work and social justice, not-for profit organizations (i.e., scholarly informed activism related to issues of gender politics, indigenous rights, environmental politics, equity, etc.), as well as in digital and mass media. Some of these opportunities may require specialization in our fields, but may also offer a high level of flexibility in knowledge applications. In order to achieve such flexibility, our focus in both streams is on transferrable skill sets, innovative thinking, resourcefulness, self-motivation, and collaborative modes of work. 

Degrees Offered

Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies - MA, PhD

MA Admission & Application Information

PhD Admission & Application Information

School of Graduate Studies (SGS)

All graduate programs at our University function under the umbrella of the School of Graduate Studies (SGS). The SGS website contains information that you should review. For example, The Grad Hub outlines SGS services, grant announcements and more. The School of Graduate Studies Calendar is a binding document that outlines important regulations that govern graduate programs at U of T; and SGS Sessional Dates outlines important dates and deadlines throughout the academic year.