Previously Offered Courses

Previously Offered Topics


DRM385H1 S - Special Topics - Radical Performance Art: Local, Global, and Digital
DRM387H1 S - Special Topics - Race, Gender & Performance (Summer 2021)
DRM487H1 / DRA3904H F - Photography of and as Performance


DRM386H1 S - Performing Science Fiction
DRM388H1 S - Performing For Change: Equity, Activism, and Radical Approaches to Performance
DRM487H1 F - Puppets and Puppeteers

DRM385H1 F – Performing Sport: The Athlete, The Artist
DRM386H1 S – Dance and Politics
DRM387H1 F – Experimental Music-Theatre
DRM388H1 S – Burlesque Theory, History, and Practice
DRM487H1 S – Livestreaming with (DDL)2: Artistic and Professional Explorations of a Digital Media Challenge
DRM488H1 F –  Black Playwrights: Resistance, Resilience and Transformation


DRM385H1 S - Contemporary Documentary Theatre
DRM388H1 S - Cultural History of Ballet
DRM485H1 F - Senior Seminar: Thesis
DRM487H1 S - Theatre, Protest & Performance
DRM488H1 F - Performing Data/Data Performing — Strategies for a Theatre of Informatics

DRM387H1 F - (summer 2019) Call 45: Re-stor(y)ing Treaty Relationships


DRM385H1 F –The Police of Performance/ The Performance of Police
DRM386H1 S – Middle Eastern Theatre and Performance
DRM387H1 F – Queer Theatre/ Queer Theory
DRM388H1 S – Performing Freaks and Monsters
DRM487H1 S – Documenting Performance
DRM386H1 S -  (summer 2018) Reviewing the Toronto Fringe 


DRM387H1 S – Staging Gender: The History and Gender of Performance
DRM487H1 F – Senior Seminar: Women in Theatre
DRM488H1 S - Modern Drama's Environment


DRM385H1 F – Asian Theatre
DRM386H1 F - Dreams. Utopia. Intermediality - Performing Technology
DRM388H1 S – Theories of Acting
DRM487H1 S – Dramaturgy and Indigenous Performance


DRM385H1 F – Asian Theatre
DRM388H1 S – Theories of Acting
DRM487H1 S – Digital Dramaturgy
DRM488H1 F – History of Solo Performance


DRM386H1 – Performance & Reality

2012 Summer

DRM386H1 F – Performance and Research

2011 Summer

DRM386H1 F – Performance and Research


DRM386H1 S – Intro to Dramaturgy

2007 Summer

DRM386H1 – History of Popular Theatre in Europe: 1600-1900


DRM286H1 S - Topics - Filmmaking Basics for Theatre (Summer 2021)
DRM375H1 F - Topics in Studio Practice: Clown
DRM376H1 S - Topics in Studio Practice: Technology and Performance
DRM378H1 S - Topics in Studio Practice: Costume: Shaping Character


DRM375H1 F - Topics in Studio Practice: Elements of Clown and Play
DRM376H1 S - Topics in Studio Practice: Technology and Performance
DRM377H1 S - Topics in Studio Practice: Performing Text


DRM375H1 F –  Topics in Studio Practice:Voice, Character and Dialect
DRM378H1 F – Topics in Studio Practice: Movement & Somatics


DRM375H1 F – Topics in Studio Practice: Clown
DRM376H1 S – Topics in Studio Practice: Performing Digital Media 
DRM377H1 F 
Topics in Studio Practice: Community Engaged Theatre
DRM378H1 S 
Topics in Studio Practice: Uncanny Bodies: Movement Work from International Collectives 


DRM375H1 F – Topics in Studio Practice: Greek Chorus
DRM376H1 S – Topics in Studio Practice: Grotowski Intersections
DRM377H1 F
Topics in Studio Practice: Performing Text
tDRM378H1 S 
Topics in Studio Practice: Movement, Improvisation, Creation


DRM375H1 – Topics in Studio Practice: Clown
DRM376H1 – Topics in Studio Practice: Music Theatre
DRM377H1 – Topics in Studio Practice: Vocal Presence in Performance
DRM378H1 – Topics in Studio Practice: Shakespeare


DRM486H1 S – Advanced Playwriting

2009 Summer

DRM386H1 – Collective Creations

2008 Summer

DRM386H1 – Collective Creations


Discontinued Courses 



DRM231H1/(DRM386H1 in 20099F) – Theatre Criticism
DRM264H1 – History of Western Theatre from the Renaissance to 1900
DRM310H1 – American Theatre History

DRM201H1 – Voice for the Actor I (Not offered since 2015-16)
DRM211H1 – Movement for the Actor I (Not offered since 2015-16)
DRM254Y1 - Production I (Not offered since 2018-19)

DRM354Y1 - Design  II (Not offered since 2018-19)
DRM400Y1 - Advanced Performance (Not offered since 2018-19)

DRM401H1  - Advanced Voice
DRM411H1 -  Advanced Movement
DRM454Y1 - Advanced Production & Design (Not offered since 2018-19)

EAS233H1 – History of Chinas Performing Arts
ENG220Y1 - Shakespeare
Drama to 1642

ENG333H1 Marriage and the Family in Drama
ENG334H1 Drama, 1660-1800
ENG336H1 - 
Topics in Shakespeare
ENG338Y1 Modern Drama
ENG339H1 Drama in English Since 1960
ENG342H1 Contemporary Drama
ENG448H1 – Advanced Studies Seminar: British Literature to the 19th Century
ENG455H1 – Advanced Studies: Literature since the 18th Century
FRE310H1 – Relations between Text and other Media
FRE372Y0 – History of the French Language
GER232H1 German Drama in Translation
GER240H1 - German Drama in Translation

GER340H1 – German Theater Production
GRK451H1 Drama II
GRK452H1 – Tragedy II
HUN450H1 – Hungary On-Stage: A History of Hungarian Drama in Social Context
ITA409H1 – Masterpieces of Medieval and Renaissance Drama
ITA400H1 – Machiavelli
ITA410H1 – Masterpieces of Modern Drama
ITA415H1 Drama in Performance
ITA426H1 Actors, Directors and Stage Artists of the Renaissance and Baroque Period
MUS408H1 – Wagner
NEW422Y1 – Performing and Transforming the Caribbean
SLA230H1 -
SLA267H1 -
Masterworks of Drama

SLA418H1 – Ukrainian Drama
SLA424H1 – Theatre and Drama in Extremis
SLA475H1 -

SLA476H1 – Twentieth Century Theatre and Performance: Modernism, Avant-Garde, Postmodernism
SLA477H1 – Performance: Theory and Practice
SLA496H1 -

SPA452H1 – Theatre and Representation in Golden Age Spain
UNI202H1 – Aspects of Quebec Culture
UNI470H1 - Health Psychology: Physical Education & Health
WGS271Y1 – Gender, Race and Class in Contemporary Popular Culture
WGS463H1 – Advanced Topics in Gender Theory

DRM432H1 - Dramaturgy II
DRM431Y1 - Dramaturgy