CDTPS Independent Study Policy

Students who wish to pursue an independent research project can apply for an Independent Study (I.S.) course (DRM390Y1; DRM390H1; DRM490Y1;DRM490H1). I.S. courses are reserved to third and fourth year Drama Majors or Specialists with a minimum 3.0 CGPA. 

Before applying for an Independent Study (I.S.) course students must secure the agreement of a full-time faculty member to act as their supervisor for the course. Students should contact their prospective supervisor in a timely fashion and with an outline of their intended research project. Please note that faculty are under no obligation to supervise I.S. projects.  

To apply, please fill in the I.S. Application Form, including a description of the project and a grade breakdown with due dates for individual assignments. Typically, independent studies result in the production of a research essay, but they may take other forms, to be discussed with the I.S. supervisor and approved by the Associate Director, Undergraduate.  

Research projects that can be undertaken within the scope of an existing CDTPS course are not eligible for I.S. courses.

Please note: Students can take a maximum of 1.0 FCE in I.S. courses (i.e. two 0.5 FCE courses or a single 1 FCE course).  I.S. courses are not eligible for CR/NCR. 

Prerequisite: Approval of the Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies (CDTPS). 
10 FCE; Specialist or Major in Drama with a minimum 3.0 CGPA; A description of project/syllabus attached to this Independent Study Form signed by both student and faculty supervisor to be submitted for approval to the Associate Director, Undergraduate before registration: August 1st for September start date; November 1st for January start date.