DRM202H1 Directing I

DRM202H1 Directing I is one of five entry courses into the Centre for Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies. An introduction to major concepts and artistic practices in directing for the theatre, emphasizing theoretical and historical issues with supplemental directing exercises. The course focuses on different styles, ideas, and goals of theatre directors in their relations to actors, audiences, and broad cultural and political contexts.

  • Enrollment: Up to 20 students
  • Prerequisite: Drama Major or Drama Specialist, DRM101Y1 and a Letter of Introduction

Application Information 

The Application Form is now open with a deadline of March 10, 2024.

How to apply for DRM202H1:

Your Letter of Introduction should include:

  • Your year of study in 2024-25, and how this course fits into your course requirements.
  • Include if you are a Drama Minor, Major or Specialist or if you intend to be a Minor, Major, Specialist.  
  • What do you hope to discover in this course?  
  • Describe the most recent experience of being a director, an actor, a designer, a technician or a producer, at your school, or with a community theatre group.  
  • If you have not had this experience directly speak to why you are interested in taking this course. 
  • Name a production you saw in the last twelve months that impressed you.
  • If you have not had access to a live production speak to why you are interested in taking this course. 
  • Address the letter to "CDTPS Selection Committee" and remember to include your full name in the letter.

Important notes

  • If admitted into DRM202H1 Directing I, students must enroll in DRM220Y1 co-requisite during the 2024/25 school year. 
  • Results will be sent out by mid-May.

If you have any questions, please contact Colleen Osborn.