DRM228H1 Playwriting I

Students are eligible to apply into DRM228H1 Playwriting I for the 2019/20 First term directly out of high school. In order to qualify, you must be either a University of Toronto student at the St. George campus or in the process of waiting for entrance to the St. George campus through the U of T Admissions and Awards. Acceptance into DRM228H1 is pending acceptance into the University of Toronto, St. George Campus, Humanities (TAH).

Application deadlines

Round 1: March 10, 2019 (upload portfolio)
Round 2: August 10, 2019 (upload portfolio)

DRM228H1 is one of four entry courses into the Drama Centre. Students can only be accepted into one entry point in their first year.

  • Enrollment: 15-19 students
  • Pre or Co-requisite: DRM101Y1/UNI102Y1 or DRM220Y1/DRM230Y1
  • Pre-requisites: Portfolio submission and Acceptance into the University of Toronto, St. George campus.

Portfolio guidelines 

Applicants are required to upload two writing samples to be assessed by the instructor, (TBA). These samples must consist of:

1. An excerpt and/or a selection of dramatic writing (2 to 5 pages)

2. An excerpt and/or a selection of fiction - prose (2 to 5 pages) or non-fiction essay, journal, article, etc. (2 to 5 pages).

How to submit your portfolio

  • Register for a Drama Centre Student Profile in order to complete the Application Form.
  • Upload Word or PDF attachment with the above 2 writing samples saved as yourname_228submission by March 10th /August 10th for second round
  • At the top of your writing sample please state your name, student number, your e-mail and phone number. AND confirm if you have already taken DRM101Y1 or indicate if you are taking DRM101Y1  as your co-requisite in 2019/20.

If you have any questions, please contact Colleen Osborn