DRM480Y Internships: Performance and Cultural Arts Organizations

In this course students will participate in partnership-based academic internships with performing and cultural arts organizations. With an emphasis on applying academic learning to the community and workplace contexts, students will strengthen their professional skills development and critical reflective practices through their structured engagement with cultural arts organizations across the city. In addition to regular in-class meetings, readings and assignments, students will complete 98-112 hours with a cultural arts organization.

Please note that internships will not include performance or performance understudy and will be subject to the availability of partner organizations.


  • Enrollment: 12 students


  • Drama Majors and Specialists
  • 14.0 credits
  • DRM220Y1
  • Application and an interview



  • Interviews will be held in the third week in April 
  • Exact interview times will be emailed to applicants after the proposal deadline.
  • Please be prepared to discuss your interest in an internship placement.

Please note: 

  • Students will be notified of their acceptance by email in mid-May.
  • This course can count toward Group A or Group B.
  • Drama Minors can apply and be considered pending they meet the pre-requisites and there is space in the course/placements available.