DRM485Y Thesis Exhibiting Research

Research thesis, emphasizing topics and methods used in drama, theatre and performance studies. Students must obtain permission from the instructor by attending an interview. The thesis will be a critical, written work and may have an interdisciplinary focus. The final presentation will be a public exhibition, and course work will include engaging with scholarship and best practices pertaining to exhibiting performance based and embodied research.
Not eligible for CR/NCR option.  Restricted to students in the Drama Specialist or Major. 


  • Enrollment: 10 students


  • Drama Majors and Specialists
  • minimum of 70% in DRM220Y1
  • 14 full credits
  • Online Application (not offered in 2024-25) to schedule an interview


  • Interviews will be held in April prior to year offered
  • Exact interview times will be emailed to applicants after the proposal deadline.
  • Please be prepared to discuss the specific research project that you want to pursue in this class.

Please note: 

  • Students will be notified of their acceptance by email in late-May once all grades are entered.
  • This thesis course can count toward Group A or Group B.
  • Drama Minors can apply and be considered pending they meet the pre-requisites and there is space in the course.