DRM400H1 Advanced Performance

DRM400H1 F: Advanced Performance builds on the training sequence of DRM200Y1 and DRM300Y1 by developing students’ acting and performance skills in monologues, extensive collaborative scene work, and preparations for auditions. The work focuses on the particulars of character development and the emotional and technical aspects of the actor’s craft. Applications are required in order to enroll in this course. 

DRM413H1 S: Voice and Movement is a skill-developing companion to the DRM403Y training for performers. It exposes students to a wide range of voice and movement techniques and explores a heightened use of physicality, voice and speech. Applications are not required in order to enroll in this course. If you are accepted into DRM403Y, you will automatically be enrolled in DRM413H1S.

  • Enrollment: Up to 12 students


For DRM400H1F a minimum 70% in:

  • DRM220Y1
  • DRM300Y1
  • Specialist or Major in Drama
  • One-page Letter of Interest

2024 Application dates:

  • March 10, 2024: Apply online by selecting DRM400H1F

  • April 10, 2024: Upload your one-page Letter of Interest

Your one-page Letter of Interest should include:

  • Your year of study in 2024-25, and how this course fits into your course requirements.
  • Describe the most recent experience of being an actor. 
  • What are your goals in studying acting? What does performance mean to you?  
  • Feel free to share your goals that are other than performing, e.g., teaching, directing, etc.  
  • Address the letter to "CDTPS Selection Committee" and remember to include your full name in the letter.

Important notes

  • By selecting DRM403Y, you are automatically applying to the co-requisite DRM400H1F and DRM413H1S.
  • If you only wish to take DRM400H1F, do not select DRM403Y.
  • Students selected into DRM403Y1 must take both DRM400H1F and DRM413H1S as a co-requisite.
  • DRM413H1S Advanced Voice & Movement is only a co-req for DRM403YI. Students cannot take DRM413H1F without DRM403Y1.
  • DRM400H1 results will be sent by mid-May.