DRM402H1 Advanced Directing

2020 Application dates

  • Apply your intention to submit by selecting DRM402H by March 10th:
  • Upload your DRM402H Proposal Submission (2-3 pages) by April 16th
  • Attend a follow-up interview to discuss your proposal on April 23rd (between 1pm - 4pm)


  • Specialist or Major in Drama with a minimum of 70% in the following: DRM220Y1/ DRM230Y1; DRM302H1; DRM331H1; a written proposal and an interview in April.

Proposal Guidelines 

Your proposal will be used as a basis for discussion and evaluation. The proposal should be your conceptual treatment that includes: 

  • A description of a one-act play or project that you would like to direct with ideas for possible directorial and conceptual approaches.
  • Explanation of why you want to direct.
  • If the play is available as a pdf or can be linked to online, please include it in your proposal (hardcopy required - see below).
  • At the top of your proposal please state your name, student number, your e-mail and phone number and confirm you have completed the following: DRM220Y1 or DRM230Y1; and DRM302H1, DRM331H1

How to submit your proposal

  • Upload Word or PDF attachment of your proposal saved as yourname_402submission to your DRM402H application
  • *Email a copy of your online submission and a copy of the play/link to the play to the Undergraduate Coordinator by 4pm on April 16, 2020 (Colleen).


  • Interviews will be held on April 23rd over Zoom.
  • Exact interview times will be emailed to applicants after the proposal deadline.
  • Please be prepared to discuss the specific project that you have proposed in an interview.

Please note

  • Students will be notified of their acceptance time by email in late-May once all grades are entered.
  • If you are submitting the play taken from the library, it is your responsibility to retrive it at the interview to return to the library.