DRM428H1 S: Advanced Playwriting

2018/19 Portfolio Guidelines

There is no interview for admittance into the course. However, all interested students must have completed DRM328H1 Playwriting, DRM220Y1 or DRM230Y1 with a CGPA of 2.7 or current MA/PhD students at the Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies and are required to submit a portfolio to be assessed by the instructor, Djanet Sears.

Applicants to DRM428H1 S are required to submit both:

  1. A completed or partially completed first draft of a one-act or full-length play. (Minimum 15 pages – no maximum)
  2. A one-page outline or synopsis of the submitted one- act or full-length play.

How to submit your portfolio

  • Register for a Student Profile in order to complete the online Application Form. 
  • Upload one Word or PDF attachment with the above writing sample and outline/synopsis saved as yourname_428submission or yourname_DRA3905HSsubmission for grad students.
  • At the top of your writing sample please state your name, student number, your e-mail, and phone number and confirm that you have the Pre-Requisite DRM328H Playwriting or indicate that you are a Graduate student enrolled at the Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies (CDTPS).


The DRM428H1/DRA3905HS Deadline is November 10, 2018.