Auditing Undergraduate Courses

How to Audit a Department of History Course

If you would like to audit a Department of History course, you will need to complete these steps before the first day of classes:

  1. Complete our course auditing form (available from the department office).
  2. Obtain the course instructor’s signature.
  3. Return the form to the department.

Please contact our undergraduate administrator with any questions you have about auditing.

Auditing Fees

The fees for auditing a course in the Department of History during 2016-17 are:

  • $460 for a full course
  • $230 for a half course

If you are a currently-registered U of T student, you do not have to pay fees unless you require a certificate of attendance.

Auditing Policies

  • Auditing is subject to availability and the course instructor’s approval.
  • Auditing a course entitles you to attend lectures only.
  • You may not submit any written work, attend tutorials, write tests or exams or have access to the course portal.