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Written by Nick Payne
Directed by Abby Esteireiro

A quantum physicist and a beekeeper fall in and out of love and loss across different multiverses-- an infinite set of parallel universes that holds every possible future outcome. In a deeply intimate and expansive way, Constellations considers the value of the intensely brief life of a honeybee against the boundlessness of the sky. When we are confronted with the end of life and love, this play reminds us of infinite possibilities.

Marianne - Lauryn Sherwood
Roland - Stephanie Zeit

Stage Manager – Lauren Lacey
Set Design - Angelli McGuigan
Costume Design - Abigail Lewis
Lighting Design - Lauren Lacey and Angelli McGuigan
Sound Design - Lauren Lacey and Abby Esteireiro
Editor – Abby Esteireiro

Directing Instructor - Baņuta Rubess
Design Instructors - Janice Fraser and Snezana Pesic
Manager, Theatre Operations - Ariel Martin-Smith
Technical Director - Andrew Leeke
Production Manager - Janice Fraser
Communications & Events Officer - Tara Maher

Sabrina Weinstein, Marcus Matyas, Linda Phillips, Siobhan Richardson, Ted Overton, Taylor Medeiros, William Dao, Brad Gira, & Lauryn’s roommates and Stephanie’s family 

Land Acknowledgement from the director.
1492 Landback Lane Legal Fund
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