2020/21 DRM200Y Audition Video Submission Guidelines

Please upload to Dropbox a 2-4 minute video titled DRM200_yoursurname

1. State your full name at the beginning of the video. Then state the name of the character and the title of the play for your short monologue.

2. Deliver a short contemporary monologue (8–14 lines, maximum 2 minutes) Don’t worry if this requires you to stop in the middle of the speech, as generally it will be how you approach the beginning of the text that will interest us most.

3. Choose one of following short Shakespeare fragments, and present two rehearsals of the selection. You can do it script in hand, i.e., no need to memorize. Also feel free to choose your fragment without reference to traditional gender casting.

Juliet: (To Romeo)
Thou knowest the mask of night is on my face,
Else would a maiden blush bepaint my cheek
For that which thou hast heard me speak tonight.

Demetrius; (To Helena)  
love thee not, therefore pursue me not.
Where is Lysander and the fair Hermia?
The one I’ll slay; the other slayeth me.

Puck: (To Audience)
If we shadows have offended
Think but this and all is mended:
That you have but slumbered here
While these visions did appear.

If you wish, you can try two quite different approaches to the piece, or simply alter one element. For example: Rehearsal A, playing it in a larger room and speaking over a greater distance; Rehearsal B – playing it in a very intimate environment, where the person being spoken to is close by. The goal is not to illustrate variety per se, but rather with each rehearsal to make the fragment richer and more complete. Treat it as a genuine rehearsal rather than a polished performance. Also, don’t rush. The spaces before the first word and after the last punctuation mark are as important as the text. Think of it as a film exercise, where the camera stays on your face after you finish speaking.

4. Complete your video submission by simply saying, ‘Good-bye’.

Upload your video to Dropbox by August 10, 2020

On August 11th you will receive an email with your follow up Zoom interview time scheduled for August 13, 2020.

Remember to upload your 1 page letter of introduction and a photograph on your online application.

Dowload a pdf version of the above guidelines