Amina Holloway

PhD Student


Cellist and poet, Amina Holloway, has been delighting audiences and confusing critics for the last fifteen years. Hailed alternatively as an artistic savant and an insufferable blow hard, Amina prides herself on presenting performances of antique and forgotten works of the cello and whimsical poems of varying eccentricity. Her latest poetical works, Tea Time and Beastly Bach, debuted at the Toronto Public Library in 2017 to critical acclaim and her current progressing transcriptions of Bach's six solo violin partias and sonatas have garnered international
interest. Upcoming projects include the poetry collection, Secret Monsters, and her catalogue of the forgotten virtuosic techniques of 19th century cellist, Adrian Servias. When not touring, performing, or attending classes, Amina can be found atop downtown trees and consuming a medically inadvisable amount of coffee.