Anna Paliy

PhD Candidate

Working Dissertation


Russian Ballet Stage Costumes as Intercultural Media (1890-1930)


Dr. Sarah Gutsche-Miller, Dr. Xing Fan


Anna Paliy is a doctoral candidate at the Centre for Drama, Theatre, and Performance Studies at the University of Toronto, where she is also a Research Assistant with the Institute for Dance Studies, with the Gatherings project, and with the CATR Performance Histories Working Group. Her dissertation work explores various cultural intersections in Russian ballet costume reception between the years 1890-1930, with a focus on reading the social messaging embedded in theatrical textile design during times of political revolution. Her writing has been published in the academic student journals Kino and Semicolon (University of Western Ontario) and Transverse (University of Toronto), and most recently in the magazines The Dance Current and The WholeNote. Formerly a competitive rhythmic gymnast in Ukraine, France, and Canada, Anna now enjoys practicing circus acrobatics and painting in her spare time.

Recent Publications:

Dance Concert Review, November 8, 2019
Dance Concert Review, November 30, 2019
Dance Concert Review, May 2019 
Music Concert Review, February 2019 
Dance Concert Review, December 2018

Honours/Awards or Grants Received:

The Lise Lone Marker Fellowship in Theatre History, 2019 


MA, University of Toronto: Comparative Literature/Book History and Print Culture
Honours BA, Western University: Comparative Literature with international exchange courses in Philology at the National University at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (NaUKMA) in Kyiv, Ukraine