Evan Moritz

PhD Student



Evan Moritz is an incoming PhD student at the University of Toronto’s Center for Drama, Theatre, and Performance Studies who recently received his MA in theatre and performance at the University at Buffalo, SUNY. He is interested in the outer limits of science-fiction and fact with research focused on performance in Martian settlements of the near future. This work explores the relationship between colonization of planetary bodies, historic settler epistemes, the loss of liveness in the communication gaps between planets, global catastrophe on Earth and off, and more broadly, the sad or depressing aspects of the future.

Selected Work

“Won’t You Be My Zoom Neighbor?: Intimacy and Liveness in Kyla Kegler’s It’s You I Like,” Cornelia 04, (September, 2020) 35-41.


M.A., University at Buffalo, SUNY
B.A., James Madison University