Jacob Pittini

PhD student



Jacob Pittini is an incoming PhD student at the University of Toronto’s Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies who recently received his MA in theatre and performance at Queen Mary University of London.  
Jacob’s interests include the realms of immersive participatory theatre, audience studies and theatre education.  
He is invested in co-theorizing with audiences of contemporary Canadian theatre in order to investigate how they understand and express their drive to participate in performance events, helping to reveal Canadian theatre’s social potential and cultural relevance.   

Selected Works 

 “Recollections on Re-Collecting: Inviting Self-Theorizing in Audience Interviews About Theatrical Copresence,” (with Kelsey Jacobson),  Canadian Association for Theatre Research. 12 Jun 2022. Lethbridge, AB, Canada.  
“Bodies Out of Time: Crafting a Theory of Temporal Embodiment in Participatory Performance Events,” Inquiry@Queen’s. 12 Mar 2021. 
“On Being a Walking Body: Dramaturgies of Participatory Pandemic Theatre,” Canadian Theatre Review 189, (2022) 80-83. Co-authored with Mariah Horner.  
“Performative Exchange as Conducive to Theatrical Sense-Making,” Being Together online blog. (2022) Ed. Kelsey Jacobson.  


M.A., Queen Mary University of London
B.Ed., Queen’s University
B.A. Hons, Queen’s University