Myrto Koumarianos

PhD Candidate


Working Dissertation


Metaphora: Research and Practice, Performance and Prayer, Encounters with the Open Program (Workcenter Of Jerzy Grotowski And Thomas Richards)


Antje Budde


Myrto Koumarianos is a doctoral candidate at the Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies and the Women and Gender Studies Institute at the University of Toronto. She holds two undergraduate degrees, in psychology and literature, from York University, and a collaborative Master's degree from the Centre and Women and Gender Studies.

Her doctoral research pertains to the work of the Open Program of the Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards. Undertaking embodied research through an apprenticeship with the internationally-composed Open Program in Italy, New York, and Sao Paulo, she came to question whether (and how? when? where? why? on behalf of and with whom?) performance can be (experienced as? offered as? received as?) a prayer. This research has been enabled and supported by a number of awards, including a SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship and a SSHRC Connection Grant (for a 2014 artists' residency at the Centre). 

Myrto recently had the pleasure of teaching a new Studio Topics course at the Centre, entitled “Grotowski Intersections: Theory and practice of the actor's craft,” exploring both practical and theoretical aspects of her research with a group of brilliant undergraduate students. Beyond her scholarly occupations, Myrto experiences world/work through poetry/song/dance and has been participating in both creative and technical capacities in a variety of performance projects since 2010. 


MA, Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies & Women and Gender Studies Institute, Collaborative Program, University of Toronto
Specialized Honours BA, English Literature, York University
Honours BA, Psychology, York University (One year @ University of Massachusetts, Boston)