Raymundo Moreno Reyes

Master's Student



Raymundo Moreno Reyes is an incoming MA student with a Bachelor's degree in Contemporary Dance, class 2017. For the past six years, He has immersed himself in his passion for teaching contemporary dance. His primary focus has been on contact improvisation, dance improvisation, and floor work, as he seeks to establish profound connections between the body and mind through movement. 

Over time, Raymundo's interest in the performing arts has blossomed, leading him to explore the powerful fusion of Dance and Theatre with a particular emphasis on delving into the world of Physical Theatre.

Raymundo believes that the human body is an exceptionally potent tool in our society, and he is genuinely eager to explore its potential as a political instrument. To him, art represents not only a form of creative expression but also a means to make a profound impact on the world. His remarkable journey as a dancer and educator has ignited a profound desire to explore the transformative potential of performing arts, seeking to leverage performance as a potent medium for fostering social and political change.

Selected work: 


B.A., University of the Americas Puebla