Ryan Borochovitz

PhD Student



Ryan Borochovitz is a current PhD student at the Centre for Drama, Theatre, and Performance Studies. He holds a BA Specialized Honours in Theatre Studies from York University, and an MA in Theatre Theory and Dramaturgy from the University of Ottawa. His primary research interests include autobiographical drama, Russian theatre history, and theories of authorship, fictionality, adaptation, and narratology as they pertain to theatre studies. He has presented papers at numerous academic conferences, and is (slowly but surely) taking measures to get some of them published (born out of a desire not to perish). He is also a playwright and director, whose works have been performed in several Canadian cities. Much of his theatre praxis has revolved around his role as the founding artistic director Sad Ibsen Theatre, an independent company devoted to exploring literary and theatrical history.


“No Better Prank than a Face in the Pie: Unwitting Cannibalism as Tragic and Comic Punchlines.” Exchanges: The Interdisciplinary Research Journal (forthcoming, pending peer review, 2020)

“Toward a Methodology for Autobiographical Dramaturgy: The Case of Tolstoy’s The Light Shines in Darkness.” (MA Thesis, University of Ottawa, 2019)


MA, University of Ottawa, Theatre Theory and Dramaturgy
BA Spec. Hon., York University, Theatre Studies