DRM200Y1 Performance

Students are eligible to apply for an audition into DRM200Y1 Performance I for the 2019/20 term directly out of high school. In order to qualify for an audition, you must be either a University of Toronto student at the St. George campus or in the process of waiting for entrance to the St. George campus through the U of T Admissions and Awards. Acceptance into DRM200Y1 is pending acceptance into the University of Toronto, St. George Campus, Humanities (TAH).

DRM200Y1 is one of four entry courses into the Drama Centre. Emphasis is initially placed on ensemble, non-verbal, and improvisational work. Students proceed to exercise their acquired skills to scripted material.

  • Enrollment: 30-32 students split into 2 sections
  • Pre or Co-requisite: DRM100Y1/DRM101Y1/UNI102Y1 or DRM220Y1/DRM230Y1
  • Pre-requisites: Audition and Acceptance into the University of Toronto, St. George campus.

Round 1 Audition Information

DRM200Y April Auditions for 2019/20 will be held on April 9, 10 & 11, 2019 from 9am - 10am and consist of a one-hour workshop class and 15-minute interview later on the same assigned day.

  • The Application Form is due March 10, 2019 for first round April auditions.
  • Auditions will be held in the Performance Studio (79 St. George Street - ground floor)
  • No preparation is required. Students are asked to wear comfortable, casual clothes.

Round 2 Audition Information 

The second round of auditions will be held on August 28, 2019.

  • The Application Form will be live on May 1st, 2019
  • The Application Form for the second round of audition is due on August 10, 2019.
  • The August audition application and interview will follow the same structure as the April application process.

How to apply

  • Register for a Drama Centre Student Profile in order to complete the online Application Form.
  • Upload a photograph of yourself (The photo does not need be of professional headshot quality).
  • Upload a 1 - 2 page letter of introduction outlining your interest in drama, theatre and performance studies.


  • Students will be notified of their April audition/interview time by email in late March.
  • Students who apply in April and are not selected are allowed to reapply for an August Audition.
  • First year students are responsible for enrolling themselves into one of the following on Acorn in July: DRM100Y1/DRM101Y1.
  • Selected students will be notified in May and enrolled into DRM200Y1 by the Drama Program in August.

If you have any questions, please contact Colleen Osborn