DRM403Y1 Mainstage Performance

This course, taught each year by a different visiting professional theatre director, offers upper-level theatre and performance studies students the opportunity to explore acting in a full-length production. Plays are selected to challenge students in a variety of diverse ways, exposing them to a full spectrum of theatre and performance genres and possibilities. Applications are required in order to enroll in this course.


  • Enrollment:  up to 18 students 

Specialists or Major in Drama and a minimum 70% in the following:

Drama Group Placement: These courses counts towards Group B requirements.

How to apply

  • Apply Online by March 10, 2024
  • An Exit Jury or Audition may be required for DRM403Y1 in 2024/25. Admission is also grade based on the above listed courses.

Please Note:

  • DRM301H1 Voice & Movement I is a recommended pre-requisite for DRM403Y applicants.
  • Students selected into DRM403Y1 must take both DRM400H1F and DRM413H1S as co-requisistes.
  • Students will be notified of their acceptance by email in late May and those eligible will be enrolled by the Centre in August