BMO Lab's AI as Foil Series - A New Musical Frontier: AI Meets Music

When and Where

Friday, October 08, 2021 2:00 pm to 2:45 pm


A discussion with Toronto music producer Annelise Noronha and AI scientist Sageev Oore, moderated by Natalie Klym and hosted by the BMO Lab at the University of Toronto.

Music making has gone through several major technological revolutions since the gramophone, each one confronting philosophical issues like fidelity, authenticity, and legitimacy. The introduction of AI into musical practice has revived many of these debates while raising new questions. In this session, seasoned producer and engineer Annelise Noronha will discuss her encounters with music technology in conversation with AI scientist Sageev Oore. Annelise has worked with artists like Dragonette, Jennifer Lopez, and Blue Rodeo as well as Academy Award winning composer Mychael Danna. Sageev is Associate Professor of computer science at Dalhousie University, Faculty member at the Vector Institute, and CIFAR Artificial Intelligence Chair. He worked on Google Brain’s Magenta project, applying deep learning to music.

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