AI as Foil Series: The Automation of Beauty: AI’s Role in Architecture hosted by the BMO Lab

When and Where

Friday, November 27, 2020 2:00 pm to 2:45 pm
Zoom meetings


Thom Payne and Francesco Iorio


AI’s Role in Architecture: A Discussion with Thom Payne, Architect, and Francesco Iorio, CEO and Chief Scientist, Augmenta AI

This online event is part of the series AI as Foil: Exploring the Co-evolution of Art and Technology curated by Natalie Klym.

Craft/discipline: Architecture, Drawing

Guest artist: Thomas Payne, Architect

AI respondent: Francesco Iorio, CEO and Chief Scientist, Augmenta AI

Thomas Payne, architect of multiple cultural institutions throughout Canada and around the world will talk about his evolving relationship with AI particularly as it relates to the role of hand drawing. A graduate of Yale and Princeton, Payne’s projects include an overhaul and expansion of The Festival Theatre in Stratford, the Goodman Theatre in Chicago, the Young Theatre for the Performing Arts in Toronto, the National Ballet of Canada, also in Toronto, the Fountain School of Performing Arts at Dalhousie University, and the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences at University of Toronto. He is currently engaged in cultural sector pursuits in Shenzhen, China. Thom will be joined by Francesco Iorio, CEO of Augmenta AI, the world’s first and only Generative AI professional services firm. Francesco will discuss how generative AI tools can augment architectural design teams, changing the nature of workflows in a way that does not replace humans but supercharges their creative capabilities.

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