2021 CDTPS Mainstage Show: TomorrowLove & The Digital Dream

When and Where

Thursday, March 11, 2021 12:20 pm to Saturday, March 20, 2021 12:20 pm


Featuring A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare and TomorrowLove by Rosamund Small. Directed by Dylan Trowbridge and Graham Abbey.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Oberon and Titania, King and Queen of the fairies, are at war. And when these fairies fight, the mortal world descends into chaos. The tides are rising. The seasons altering. Infectious diseases abound. The Imperial Republic of Athens has been placed under uncompromising quarantine regulations.

When Hermia’s father forbids her, on pain of death, from marrying the woman she loves, the intrepid lovers steal away into the deep, dark, dangers of the forest. And with the mischievous chaos-junkie Puck on the loose, “anything can happen in the woods.”

Meanwhile, a crew of local bumpkins have been commissioned to perform a play to celebrate the marriage of celebrity Couple Theseus (Duke of Athens) and Hippolyta (Warrior Queen of The Amazons).

This digital re-imagining of Shakespeare’s magical comedy, interrogates concepts of love, friendship, gender and power and features a superb ensemble from U of T’s CDTPS Drama 403 class.

4 Wild Fairies
4 Fierce Lovers
6 Amateur Actors in way over their head.

This is The Digital Dream.

Rosamund Small’s bold, intimate and curious play cycle imagines future technologies and their impact—both positive and negative—on human relationships. Morphing dextrously from science-fiction to romantic comedy to family drama, the compact two character plays contained within TomorrowLove are full of heart and pack a mighty punch. In the TommorrowLove universe, anything is possible: upload your consciousness to a computer, communicate with a loved one from beyond the grave or permanently erase ex-lovers from your memory. These minimalist digital chamber pieces will highlight the considerable talents of the Drama 403 acting ensemble.

Directed by
Dylan Trowbridge and Graham Abbey.
Dream Cast:
Oberon/Theseus: Prithvi Kahlon
Titania/Hippolyta: Hannah Spracklin and Lauryn Sherwood
Puck/Philostrate: Isaac Pilozo and Abigail Lewis
Lysander: Moyukh Syeed
Demetrius: Adrian Pavone
Hermia: Kimia Karachi and Hannah Waldman
Helena: Teodora Djuric and Lagan Maheshwari
Bottom: Benjamin Van Dinther
Quince: Abigail Lewis and Isaac Pilozo
Snug/Peaseblossom: Lagan Maheshwari and Teodora Djuric
Francis Flute/Egeus/Mustardseed: Eashan Sharma
Snout/Cobweb: Lauryn Sherwood and Hannah Spracklin
Starveling/Moth: Hannah Waldman and Kimia Karachi
TomorrowLove Cast:

Perfect: Kimia Karachi and Lagan Maheshwari
Reality Hurts 1: Prithvi Kahlon and Teodora Djuric
I Wrote You This Letter: Hannah Waldman and Moyukh Syeed
Til Skype do us Part: Benjamin Van Dinther and Hannah Spracklin
Just Like a Movie: Isaac Pilozo and Lauryn Sherwood
Reeseman: Adrian Pavone and Abigail Lewis
Reality Hurts 2: Eashan Sharma and Teodora Djuric

Artistic Team
Set and Costume Design – Snezana Pesic (assisted by the DRM 354 Design class)
Sound Design – Verne Good
Digital Design Consultant – Ian Garrett
Digital Facilitator – Nicole Eun-ju Bell
Associate Director – Abby Esteireiro
Assistant Director – Ross Slaughter
Assistant Set & Costume Designer (Digital Costumes) – Valeria Venturo
Assistant Set & Costume Designer –  Naira Bahrami
Assistant Set Designer –  Ziwei (Zoe) Wang
Assistant Costume Designer –  Tahseen Hanif
Assistant Costume Designer & Prop Master –  Isabel Martins

Technical Team
Stage Management Team – Nicole Bell and Casey Hua
Lighting Consultants – Janice Fraser and Andrew Leeke
Assistant Sound Design – Casey Hua
Manager of Theatre Operations – Ariel Martin-Smith
Technical Director - Andrew Leeke
Production Manager – Janice Fraser
CDTPS Theatre Technician – Christopher Sutherland

DRM 403 Performance Course Instructors – Dylan Trowbridge and Graham Abbey
DRM 403 Performance Course TA – Ross Slaughter
DRM 354 Design Course Instructor – Snezana Pesic
DRM 354 Design Course TA – Anna Paliy
DRM 355 Production Course Instructor – Janice Fraser

Poster Design – Dante Camarda

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – March 11-14
TomorrowLove Part 1 – March 19
TomorrowLove Part 2 – March 20

More details coming soon!