Faculty member Snezana Pesic takes CDTPS students to Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space 2023 (PQ23)

April 18, 2023 by Snezana Pesic

The CDTPS is thrilled to have its design students attend this year’s Prague Quadrennial (PQ), the most prestigious international festival dedicated to scenic design and theatre, under the experienced leadership of CDTPS faculty member Snezana Pesic. PQ takes place every four years and brings together an international community of directors, artists, scenographers, students and visitors from around the world for 11 days from June 8 to 18, 2023.

In 2019, PQ's locations attracted 70,000 viewers and over 8,000 professionals, students and other active participants from 106 countries who were responsible for creating the many exhibitions, lectures, workshops and performances. PQ is the largest international festival of theatre and stage design in the world.

The overarching concept of this year’s incarnation of Prague Quadrennial is Rare, inviting all participants to respond to extraordinary experiences and encounters from the past four years. 

The festival presents three major exhibition sections: The Exhibition of Countries and Regions (Professional Exhibition), Student and Emerging Artists Exhibition, Performance Space Exhibition and Fragments, an exhibition dedicated to crafts of miniature objects in performance design. 

CDTPS students Benny Soave, Selina Jia and Liz So will present their work at the Canadian & Quebec Student and Emerging Artist Exhibit called “Troubled Waters” together with students from twelve other Canadian universities. The Canadian student exhibition will be focused on climate change, mismanagement, and displacement of clear drinking water across Canada and the world. The students are required to respond to one of the most acute issues of the contemporary world by creating a collaborative outdoor installation on the festival site. Each school will contribute up to four objects to the installation and participate at the exhibition set up and strike. The students will also have an opportunity to present their design work in Parade, a performance event that aims to connect Canadian students and professional exhibitors, and to celebrate their Canadian presence at PQ2023. Additionally, all Canadian students will be involved in the supervision of displays and the maintenance of the Canadian Professional Exhibition. 

CDTPS students will have the opportunity to interact with their peers and renowned scenic designers from around the world and become more familiar with the international theatre scene through various exhibitions, performances, workshops, talks and lectures.

As a part of educational component of the festival, PQ Studio, Snezana Pesic is invited to lead a three-day long, result-driven workshop titled Suture Couture based on her research on contemporary fashion silhouettes and body modifications. Abby Esteireiro, CDTPS alumna and student representative from PQ 2019, will be assisting Snezana as workshop co-leader. 

Four out of the seven CDTPS students, who took part in PQ 2019 and who are now alumni, will also be returning to this year’s event. 

To learn more, visit Prague Quadrennial (PQ)