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We offer a stellar Honours Bachelor of Arts program with strong emphasis on integrating the academic and the practical aspects of drama, theatre and performance studies. Located on the St. George downtown campus of Canada’s highest ranked university, our students are uniquely positioned to explore the interdisciplinary nature of contemporary performance scholarship and practice, while being part of Toronto's vibrant theatre scene. There is no better place to get your start. 

Students can apply straight out of high school for DRM200Y:  Performance I | Application Guidelines

After completing DRM101Y1: Introduction to Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies and 4 full credits, you can declare a Drama Major or Specialist and will be eligible to enrol into any of the following four Studio Entry courses:  

  1. DRM202H: Directing I 
  2. DRM228H: Playwriting I
  3. DRM224H: DRM224H1: Robots, Automata, and Avatars 
  4. DRM254H: Design & Production I 

DRM200Y1 Performance I applications now open

Round 1 deadline: March 20
Round 2 deadline: August 3

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