Student and faculty rehearsals

All CDTPS theatres and studio spaces are currently not available to book for student rehearsals or gatherings of any kind.  
Quick links to Covid-19 resurces provided by the University:  

 For Inquiries Regarding:  
•    Office Spaces: Suzanne Micallef (  
•    Theatrical & Studio Spaces: Ariel Martin-Smith (  
If you’re concerned that proper protocols (i.e. masking and distancing) are not being observed, contact EHS directly: 

All undergraduate students and faculty in the Centre for Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies may apply to book facilities for course-related work. For graduate students and not course-related work, please contact Ariel Martin-Smith

Book a space - 2019/20

  1. Check if the room is available on RRS Lite (login: dramaguest | password: guest)
  2. If the room is available, request permission to book the space using the Room Reservation Form
  3. Once your request is confirmed, you will receive an email notification from RRS Lite. Someone will contact you to confirm your reservation. When approved, you will be informed about room access and orientation. If you do not hear from someone within two to five business days, contact the student administrator, TBD. 

Booking policies - 2019/20

  • Bookings must be for course-related work. These bookings are not for public events.
  • Bookings should be made at least 48 hours in advance. 
  • You are responsible for the space you book. Leave the space clean, with all furniture returned to its original arrangement, and close and lock all doors and windows. 
  • Keys must be returned immediately after your booking. A charge will apply for any keys not returned and you may not be able to make future reservations. 
  • Bookings are for use by CDTPS students and faculty. Use of our facilities cannot be transferred.
  • Current students and faculty may be eligible to use studio space over the summer (May – August) up to 20 hours depending on space availability and as long as the purpose is related to their research and/or rehearsals for a performance in which they are producing/directing. After 20 hours, internal booking rates will apply.